Decluttering in June

Can you believe it’s been 12 months of the monthly decluttering challenge? I’m a little sad this is the last month. At the beginning of every month I have been posting suggested items for you to declutter from your home. This has been such a great challenge to help everyone rid excess clutter from their lives. If you missed any of the challenges you can always go back and do them at any time. I’ll have them linked at the bottom of this post. Now it’s time to declutter in June!

Decluttering In June monthly challenge

I hope these posts have motivated you to get started and keep you going on your decluttering journey. If you’re anything like me it’s very satisfying to get rid of things you no longer want or need. I love the decluttering snowball and how I am constantly finding things to declutter from my home and life.

Decluttering in June

Space that is Bothering you – Pick a space in your home that is really bothering you and dig in to get it decluttered. If you have a space that is begging to get decluttered then it is probably weighing on your mind too. It will feel like a huge accomplishment and will give you a good kick to move onto other spaces.

June decluttering Space that Bothers you

Toys – It’s been 6 months since you were challenged to declutter the toys so now is a good time to do it again. Any toys that are broken should be fixed right away or tossed. Donate toys that the kids have outgrown or no longer play with.

June decluttering Toys

Keepsakes – Sometimes you just don’t have the space for keepsakes or they don’t fit in with your decorating style. It’s okay to let those things go. Do you have a close relative or child who would like it or benefit from it more? I’m sure they would appreciate receiving it and having something special from a family member.

Old CD Computer Software – You probably have software CDs that are years old and don’t even work with the computers you have now. Give them a toss or I think they can be recycled in some areas.

June decluttering CDs

Create Electronic Folders – I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner. I finally created detailed folders for all my electronic files and photos on my computer and phone. It is so much faster and easier to find what I need now. It’s also a great time to get rid of things you no longer need.

June decluttering files

Spam Email – My spam email is self cleaning after a few days but I also have a lot of emails I need to unsubscribe. It has been such a relief to not have to delete dozens of emails each day now.

Travel Brochures – We love weekend trips and taking a few vacations a year so I like collecting ideas of where to go and explore next. Soon I had a huge folder full of brochures and maps and couldn’t find what I wanted anyway so I decided to get rid of them all. Did you know you can find any information you need on the internet? I keep a list of places I want to visit in a file on my phone and then research before we go.

June decluttering travel brochures

Random Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Nails – Get a small craft supply organizer to organize these small items. There are dividers so you can keep them all in one place but also sorted. Toss the ones you don’t need any longer.

Make Bed Everyday – This is such a small chore to keep your bedroom from seeming cluttered. Make a goal of making your bed everyday and you will see what a huge difference it can make in your mood every time you walk into your room.

June Decluttering Make Your Bed

Yard Space – Keeping your yard weeded and bushes trimmed can help in making the outside of your home clutter-free. Evaluate how many accessories you have in your yard and on the porch. Less can be more when it comes to lawn ornaments.

June decluttering Garden

Consolidate Items – No matter the size of your home it always saves space and time to consolidate similar items. It also makes it easy to see if you have too much of a particular item. Remember that if something is in the wrong place it can be considered clutter.

June decluttering consolidate things

Find a Product to Use up – Do you have a hair care product, food item, or craft item that is almost empty? Find a way to use it up. Sometimes you can even consolidate it with something else.

Schedule Time – One important thing to remember is that decluttering never ends. Actually that’s a good thing. It makes us think about what is really important to keep and what we are ready to get rid of. Decide how much time you need to devote to decluttering each week. It might be as little as 15 minutes a week. Just make sure to schedule time on your calendar and follow through.

June decluttering schedule time

Paperwork from Old Employers – You probably have some files full of correspondence from old employers. If there’s nothing you need to keep for legal reasons you can shred all those papers.

Important Paper Binder – Keep all important papers together in a file or binder. It’s not a bad idea to have extra copies and even digital copies in case of a disaster or emergency. I think I’ll do a separate post on important information to place in that binder.

June decluttering Important Papers

You have a whole month to complete this decluttering list. If you finish sooner you can always go back and complete the lists for July August September October  November December January February March April May

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Decluttering in June decluttering challenge

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  • Teri June 7, 2020, 11:25 am

    I like the idea of scheduling a time to declutter!

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