Decluttering in October

Have you been decluttering along with the decluttering challenge I started a few months ago? At the beginning of every month there will be suggested items for you to declutter from your home. The best thing about this challenge is that we’re all working together for the end goal of ridding the clutter out of our lives. If you miss any of the challenges you can always go back and do them at any time. I’ll have them linked at the bottom of the post. Now it’s time to declutter!

15 things to declutter in October

Decluttering in October

Baking Supplies – Pull all of your baking supplies out and put them on the counter to see what you have. Then make a designated spot for all the supplies so they’re all in the same location. Toss any tube frostings or sprinkles that are expired or stale. Also toss any liners or other supplies that get placed in the back of the cabinet but never used. Place small items like flavorings and colorings in a basket to keep them contained.

decluttering in October baking supplies

Halloween Decorations – Who’s getting their Halloween decorations out right now? As you’re going the through the tote(s) decide what decorations are past their prime. Toss the ones that aren’t worth saving and donate the ones that are still good but you no longer want to use.

decluttering in October Halloween

Sweaters – It’s sweater weather but how many of them are you really going to wear? Now’s the perfect time to try them on and decide which ones you want to keep. Get rid of any that are too big or too small, snagged, not your style, or stained. Have you ever used a fabric shaver? It can make an old sweater look brand new in no time.

decluttering in October sweater

Bedside Table – When was the last time you cleaned out your side table? Try to only keep things in your side table that you use before bed or first thing in the morning.

decluttering in October bedside table

Mugs – You might not think you can have too many mugs but you can. Get rid of the ones that are stained or have chips or cracks in them. Just keep a few of your favorites.

decluttering in October mugs

Stuffed Animals – Have stuffed animals taken over your home? Decide on a number of stuffed animals for each child then make them stick to it. Have the kids pick their favorites (maybe 5?) then make sure they get rid of an old one when they get a new one.

decluttering in October stuffed animals

Coloring Books and Sticker Books – Kids like to keep everything especially papers. Now is time to clean out the coloring books, sticker books, colored pencils and crayons. Keep ones that still have usable space and toss the rest.

Junk Drawer – A junk drawer isn’t a place to just throw something in then close the drawer. Believe it or not it can be an organized space. Use small baskets or containers to keep like things together and organized. Limit the junk drawer to items that are used and needed in that area of the house.

decluttering in October junk drawer

Rugs and Mats – It might be time to get rid of those worn rugs and mats. If it’s worn or torn give it a toss. If it just needs to be cleaned do it yourself or have it professionally cleaned.

decluttering in October rugs

Outdoor Cushions – Cushions can get worn, faded, and even mildewed. If cushions are being exposed to the elements they will probably only last a few Summer seasons. If they’re under a covering they might last a few seasons longer. End of season is a good time to purchase new outdoor cushions.

Key and Locks – Toss locks that you can’t get open with the combination or are without a key. If you don’t know what a key goes too, try fitting it in keyholes. If it doesn’t open anything keep it for a couple months then toss it. Label the other keys so you know what they go to.

Table linens, Napkins and Placemats – Any stained linens can be tossed or used as cleaning rags. Any linens that are still nice but you no longer use can be donated.

decluttering in October linens

Candles – There are flameless candles, candles in jars, tealight candles, pillar candles, candle sticks, birthday candles, and probably many more. Any that aren’t being used are just taking up space so give them a toss.

Under the Bed – When was the last time you cleaned under the beds? I don’t just mean the dust bunnies, I mean the things you have stored under there. Take stock of what you have under the beds and decide what you want to keep and what you can toss.

decluttering in October under bed

Pillows and Pillow Covers – Bed pillows and toss pillows can wear thin, get flat, and loose shape. Thin out some of the pillows and pillow covers you have and only keep the ones you truly love.

decluttering in October pillows

You have a whole month to complete this decluttering list. If you get done sooner you can always go back and complete the lists for JulyAugust and September.

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15 things to declutter in the month of October

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