Polka Dot Burlap Table Runner

This Polka Dot Burlap Table Runner is fun to make and can easily be altered for any holiday just by changing the colors.

Polka Dot Burlap Table Runner to make for any holiday or occasion

Aren’t polka dots just fun? But the more I look at it the more it reminds me of confetti. Polka dots or confetti, it doesn’t really matter since they’re both awesome.

Here’s what you need:

Burlap runner (Hobby Lobby or make your own)
Round foam sponge brushes
Paint (I used 4 colors) silver, orange, aqua, white

I choose the colors I did so the table runner could be used from the beginning of Fall through Thanksgiving. I think I’ll make a couple more with different colors for different times of the year. It’s a fun decor addition and easy to make.

Polka Dot Burlap Table Runner 8

Dip the round sponge brush in the paint then dab the excess off onto a paper towel. Start with one color and randomly place dots all over the burlap. There really is no pattern at all. Random is sometimes hard for me since I love organization and order, but I still love the way it turned out. You can do as many or as few dots as you like. There are also different sizes of the round brushes so you can even vary the sizes if you like.

Polka Dot Burlap Table Runner

Use wax paper under the burlap to catch the excess paint since there are pretty large holes in the fabric. I also taped the burlap to the wax paper in a few places to keep it in place. Continue making the dots using one paint color at a time. Once you think you have all the dots you can add more of a certain color if any space looks empty. Let the paint dry about an hour then peel the wax paper off the back of the table runner. It comes off really easy.

Polka Dot Burlap Table Runner 5

This would be so fun to make for a party or any holiday. The dots would look really cute on place mats or even on plain fabric as a photo backdrop.

Polka Dot Burlap Table Runner

I love how it looks on my Fall table and that the turquoise is a little unexpected.

Polka Dot Table Runner

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Polka Dot Burlap Table Runner for all occasions

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