32 Things to Edit Before You Move

32 Things to Edit Before You Move to make packing and moving faster and easier.

Things to Edit from your home before you move

One of the biggest wastes of time and energy is packing and moving things you don’t want or need. Here’s a list of things you don’t even have to think about before you part with them.

  • Old or rusted tools you no longer use. If they’re too hard to use you’re not going to use them anyway.
  • Paint for the house you’re moving from. You can leave it for the new owners if it’s still good. If not, contact your city on how to dispose of it.
  • Construction materials for the house. Ask the new owners if they want them then leave them stacked neatly in the corner of the garage or basement. We gave away some of our old materials to our neighbors.
  • Extra garden supplies. Think about where you’re moving. What supplies will you really need? We moved to the desert and have no grass and minimal plant life so we were able to get rid of a lot of stuff we wouldn’t be using.
  • Outdoor furniture (and even indoor furniture) that has been used well past it’s prime. I would much rather have minimal furniture than have something I don’t like or need taking up space and weight on the moving truck. If you need it take it, but if you don’t get rid of it before you move.
  • Broken items that still need to be fixed. Fix them within the week or toss them.
  • Extra camping gear. You can probably always edit what you have. When was the last time you used some of those supplies or the sleeping bag with the broken zipper?
  • Extra sports equipment. We had 8 soccer balls, 10 baseballs, 4 bats, 3 skateboards, 4 in-line skates, 3 scooters, 4 bikes, and numerous other things. It was quite easy to edit what didn’t get played with or wasn’t needed any longer.
  • College text books. Get rid of those heavy text books especially if they’ve been stored away for years.
  • Kid’s artwork and school papers. You’ve probably kept way more of your kids school papers than you want or need. Limit the amount of space you have for their papers and stick to it.
  • Furniture that needs repair, doesn’t fit your style, or you won’t have space for in your new home.
  • Excess luggage, drawstring bags, duffel bags, and back packs.
  • Outer wear that no longer fits or you won’t be using. We moved to a warm climate so the heavy coats and snow gear didn’t move with us. We still took some light outer wear for cool weather.
  • Toys and games. Donate any toys your kids have out grown or no longer play with. It’s easy to edit toys and games by deciding what they play with regularly, what is broken, and what has missing pieces.
  • Excess home decor items that haven’t been displayed in 12 months. I like to rotate my decor so I have a lot of items. A good rule is if you haven’t displayed it in a year to get rid of it.
  • Books and media. Books and media are very heavy to pack and can take up a lot of space at your new place. Only take what you really want or what is important to you.
  • Clothing and foot wear of every family member. It’s time to get rid of all the clothing that doesn’t fit, is soiled, has holes, or you just don’t wear. This can be done quickly by asking yourself when was the last time it was worn.
  • Never used craft supplies. Use it or lose it! I love craft supplies but I also love having enough space for the things I really use to create with.
  • Old jewelry and accessories. If you haven’t worn it get rid of it or donate it.
  • Extra office supplies. Get rid of all the extra supplies you’ve accumulated. Do you really need 100 file folders or 300 paper clips?
  • Extra gift supplies. Wrapping paper, cards without envelopes, smashed bows should be thrown out. I also used the excess wrapping paper to protect breakables while packing. Gift wrap isn’t going to make the move well and be usable once you arrive anyway.
  • Paper Files. You really don’t need every receipt you have ever received especially after you’ve filed your taxes for the year. Edit your paper files and only keep what you really need. Shred what could be confidential.
  • Extra bedding and linens. How many extra blankets do you really need? Also sheets, towels, wash clothes, and pillow cases. I had over 26 pillow cases at one time. Why? Donate the excess, someone else will be happy to have them.
  • Old fabric and extra sewing supplies. If you have fabric that you haven’t touched in 2 years are you really ever going to use it? Get rid of the extras so you can use what you really love.
  • Expired or not used beauty products. You know what you use daily and what you love or hate. Toss the things you’ll never use, they’re taking up space.
  • Expired medications and supplements. Check the dates on everything. Check with your local pharmacy or police department on the best way to dispose of medications.
  • Extra travel mugs, water bottles, and coffee mugs. You have way too many of them!
  • Old cookbooks. If you have a recipe or 2 you want out of a book take a photo of it or put it in your computer to access when you want it.
  • Extra kitchen tools and utensils. Edit how many spatulas and wood spoons you need. It can get out of hand and probably has.
  • Mismatched dishes and glass ware. Sets become broken or discolored and can’t be replaced so get rid of the few you have left. Opt for a solid color such as white in the future.
  • Expired spices and food. Toss the expired food and spices. If you’re moving out of state try to eat all the food in the refrigerator and freezer the few weeks before you move.
  • Appliances you don’t need or use. Donate or sell small appliances you don’t use. Determine whether or not you need to transport your large appliances to your new place. We had an extra refrigerator we sold before we moved. We also didn’t need our washer or dryer because we already had one at our new home.

What it comes down to is: Don’t take the time, effort, and space to pack and move something you don’t need or want.

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Things to Edit from You Home

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  • Aiden Kerr October 19, 2020, 5:11 am

    Packing always been a stressful task while moving. Sometimes we leave our important stuff in a hurry but if we follow these things whatever you have mentioned above, then packing can be very easy.

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