Daily Organizing Habits

10 Daily Organizing Habits that will help you keep your home organized day to day.

Daily Organizing Habits

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It’s been said that it takes about 66 days to develop a new habit. I have found that after about 3 weeks it becomes much easier though. Daily organizing habits help me feel like I have things under control, even if I don’t always. Just doing these little tasks daily saves me a lot of time and energy throughout the week.

  • Make Your Bed Every Morning – We’ve talked about this before but it really does make a different when you walk into your room and the bed is made. It instantly makes the space look more organized and cleaner. It also motivates me to get the rest of the house tidy.
  • Put Laundry Away Immediately – It’s so much easier to fold one load of laundry than 4. Make a habit of washing, drying, folding, and putting away each load. You will save time, wrinkles, and the frustration of moving the piles of clothes from place to place.
  • Put Keys in the Same Place – It doesn’t matter where you keep your keys just make sure it’s in a safe place and the same place. Hang them on a hook, place them in a bowl, put them in a drawer, or keep them in your bag. Just be consistent.
  • Deal with Mail Daily – Get the mail from the mailbox daily and deal with each piece right then. Throw away what can be tossed, shred anything with personal information, file bills, write important dates on the calendar.
  • Make Lunches the Night Before – Who has time in the morning? Make lunch right after dinner, stick it in the fridge, and grab it in the morning. It saves so much time on a busy morning.
  • Return Items to their Place – This is easy, if you get something out of a drawer, return it to the drawer. Did you get it from the right side of the second shelf in the hall closet? Return it there. So simple!
  • Do It Now, If It Takes 2 Minutes or Less – Don’t toss that jacket on the bench when it will take about 20 seconds to hang it up. Or lay those bags on the counter when you could put it all away right now. Less than 2 minutes now, can save you up to an hour later in the week when everything adds up.
  • Lay out Tomorrow’s Clothes in the Evening – Do this for your kids and yourself. If you’re not sure about the outfit, try it on and decided the night before. It can save you a lot of time in the morning.
  • Empty Your Purse and Bags Nightly – Take out garbage, papers, empty containers, and anything else that is taking up unnecessary space in your bags. Make sure you have everything you will need in there for the next day also.
  • Last Minute Pick Up – It’s always good to start with a clean slate in the morning so take a couple of minutes before you go to bed to do a quick pick up of the house.

5 More Things to Add to Your Routine

  • Be on the lookout for ways to simplify everyday tasks – How can you do something more efficiently?
  • Before putting something away ask yourself, is this worth keeping – Keep a donation box or bag at the bottom of your closet for a convenient place to put donations.
  • Never leave a room without improving its appearance – Fluff the pillows, pick up the floor, clear off a counter, load the dishwasher, etc.
  • Go over your to-do list in the evening for the next day – Nobody likes surprise tasks the day of, plan ahead and know what you need to accomplish throughout your day to get the most out of it.
  • When you have 10 minutes, pick up and put away 10 items that belong somewhere else – This kind of goes along with cleaning up as you go. If you see something that needs to be done, do it instead of saving it for later.

Now you’re well on your way to quick and easy organizing!


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  • Candice January 14, 2018, 7:05 pm

    Love these ideas! Small and simple ways to stay organized!

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