Organizing the Kitchen with Baskets

Keep your kitchen supplies in order and contained by Organizing the Kitchen with Baskets.

Organizing the Kitchen with Baskets

It’s pretty easy to get things organized but keeping them that way can be more of a challenge, especially in the kitchen. There are so many things in different shapes and sizes that need to be stored, but they also need to be easy to retrieve. By Organizing the Kitchen with Baskets things are neat and tidy, easy to get too, and contained. Label the baskets so everyone knows where things should be stored.

Purchase inexpensive baskets at second hand stores, yard sales, dollar stores, and other discount stores. If you’re not sure how many you need you can purchase a few at a time. Even though the baskets are behind closed doors I like to keep them to a few colors so they coordinate.

Organizing with Baskets

Use a basket tray on the counter as a charging station for kids and teens electronics. My kids needed to have their electronics plugged in and not in their rooms before bedtime. It also keeps them organized and contained so they always know where to find them.

organizing electronics in the kitchen

Have you noticed that water bottles have a hard time remaining upright and are always toppling over? There’s an easy solution for that. Place them in a basket. No more bottles laying all over the inside of the cabinet.

organizing water bottles

Lids are another issue. They can be such a mess and a basket is the perfect solution. Just make sure it isn’t too large or too small. Also make sure to go through the basket often to make sure every container has a lid.

organizing plastic lids

Use baskets to hold small things like candles and other baking and cooking supplies. Store them on the same shelf as the baking supplies so everything is stored together.

Dollar General kitchen organizing 15

These small baskets are perfect for an all purpose drawer (some people call it a junk drawer), utensils, and other small items. You can usually buy them 3/$1 which is even more awesome.

10 minutes chores 8

Use baskets under the sink to hold cleaning supplies. Most of these baskets were purchased at the dollar store. The plastic ones are great for holding cleaning supplies so spills can easily be cleaned up. See more Under the Sink Organizing.

Dollar General kitchen organizing 17

Use baskets in the pantry to keep foods contained and similar food items together. It makes it easier for kids to get their own snacks and lunches. Plus, let’s be honest it helps my husband know where to put food away on grocery day.

Check out my new organized pantry

Dollar general kitchen organizing 20

Use baskets in the fridge to keep items together. It makes it easier to keep the fridge clean and organized too. Plus you can see what you’re running low on.

Dollar General kitchen organizing 11

I even use baskets in the vegetable bin to keep fruits and vegetables separated.

Dollar General kitchen organizing 9

Use baskets in the freezer too. They’re perfect for popsicles and makes it easy for the kids to get to them. I also use the baskets to keep breakfast, snacks, and other meals separated. Check out more fridge and freezer organizing ideas.

Freezer Organizing

What are some ways you can use baskets in your kitchen? You will love how much easier it is to keep everything organized and clean.

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Organizing the Whole Kitchen with Baskets

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