31 Days of 15 Minute Organizing – Day 12: Under the Kitchen Sink

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Welcome to Day 12 of 31 Days of 15 Minute Organizing

Let’s get the space under the kitchen sink cleaned out and organized. This area is just a big open cavern waiting to have things tossed into it, so you need to divide the space and add shelving where needed. Don’t worry about doing that today though. Let’s just set the timer for 15 minutes and get it done.

15 Minute Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink

First toss out all the old cleaners and ones you aren’t using anymore. If you have a tub or bucket, place the large containers of cleaners inside it. This saves the bottom of your cabinet in case of spills.

Dollar General kitchen organizing 16

I added locker shelving to the other side of the cabinet to hold smaller things and make them easy to get too. Contain like items in small baskets to make it even easier.

Dollar General kitchen organizing 17

You can add a rail or hooks to the inside of the cabinet to hang gloves or cloths as they dry out of sight. It also makes them way easier to find. One of my favorite organizing tools are cheap plastic baskets. Things don’t have to be expensive, especially when they’re out of sight.

Undersink Cabinet

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