31 Days of 15 Minute Organizing – Day 11: Spices

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Welcome to Day 11 of 31 Days of 15 Minute Organizing

Today we’re going to work on organizing our spices. Why do you have 3 bottles of one thing? Probably because you couldn’t find the first bottle so you bought a new one. One day I hope to have pretty jars with pretty labels but getting organized quickly is the goal, so that will have to wait for another day. Set the timer, grab some stickers or vinyl, a sharpie, and get to work.

15 Minute Organizing Spices - Organize and Decorate Everything

I decided to put my most used spices in a drawer next to the stove. I used to keep them all in the cabinet next to the stove but it is high and it’s hard to see everything. The large containers are still kept in that cabinet. Start by taking all the spices out and checking the dates. Sometimes spices are way past expiration and we don’t realize it. The date can usually be found on the bottom of the bottle or side of the label. Toss the expired ones and make a list of the ones you need to purchase.

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Now you can either put them back in the cabinet with the labels facing out (you can use empty boxes or wood as risers). If you store the spices on risers it makes it much easier to see them and keep them organized.

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Or place them in a drawer like I do, and label the tops so you can see what you have at a quick glance. I made circles out of vinyl using a circle punch. You can also use contact paper which is way less expensive, plus you probably have some on hand. I simply used a Sharpie to write the name on the punched out circle. You can also buy colored circle stickers at the dollar store. 

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That’s it! Quick and easy organizing!

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  • Amanda October 11, 2014, 2:00 pm

    One day I hope to have all my spices in matching (and labeled!) jars. It’s happened more than once that I’ve had to taste a spice to figure out if it is chili powder or paprika. I like the drawer idea with labels on top.

  • Carol October 11, 2014, 6:12 pm

    I saw a post on a blog, can’t remember which, that used short mason jars with the labels on the top. I did that and love how my spice drawer looks. I had to add some to another drawer because the drawer wasn’t big enough. I keep the excess of some of the spices in the cupboard above and then refill when the small ones get empty. Didn’t take a lot of time to do, except maybe doing the labels. I printed the names on the computer and then cut the circles and taped them to the lids.

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