Pantry Organization Tips

Are you always thinking you need to get your pantry organized once and for all? Especially after you go grocery shopping and can’t decide where the new groceries should go. This post is full of pantry organization tips to help you get your space organized and keep it that way.

Pantry Organization Tips

The first space I wanted to organize when we moved a few months ago was our pantry. It’s hard for me to want to cook when I’m not sure what I have and when it takes me longer than it should to find all the ingredients. I even did some planning before we moved and bought all the storage totes I thought we would need. I already had a couple large baskets we were able to use on the floor for storage. And some glass and plastic containers that were still useful. Try to use what you have to not waste money and supplies.

Here are my favorite Pantry Organization Tips.

1 – Create Zones – It’s a good idea to keep the most used food items at eye level. Think oils, spices, seasonings, and other things that you use multiple times a day. If your kids make their own lunches, store those supplies at eye level for them. 

pantry shelves eye level organization tips

We have quick lunches easy to reach. I store my gluten free foods all on one shelf. It’s easy to see what I have and what I need to buy the next time I go grocery shopping. Plus everyone else knows these are off limits to them.

right pantry shelves

Store heavy and big items on the lower shelves and floor. These are the baskets I already had so I use them to store extra paper towels and snacks.

pantry baskets organization tips

I store extra foods that belong in the fridge once they’re opened in the bottom totes. Some larger and awkward items are also stored in totes on the floor. 

pantry floor storage

Canned goods are stored on the lowest shelf of the pantry. 

right side of pantry

Store your least used items on the top shelf. Store seasonal or special items on the top shelf. I probably only need these things a couple times a year so I don’t need to have easy access to them. 

pantry top shelf

Having a folding step stool in the pantry is a good idea to reach those items on the top shelf. This one fits perfectly against the pantry wall. You can see all the canned food better in this picture. 

step stool

2 – Containers – As I said earlier I bought all the white storage totes before we moved here. I estimated how many we would need for the new pantry. They’re from IKEA and come in 2 sizes and 2 colors. They have been a life saver in keeping everything organized. It was a really good purchase for our new home.

I need to make new labels for the baking supplies and cereal containers but I’ve used them for years and they’re great. I also have old glass containers that I still use for cookies, fruit snacks, chewy bars, and other treats.

pantry containers

3- Labels – I’m usually much bigger on labels but to be honest with you I don’t feel as much need in this pantry. The totes make it possible to see and organize everything easily. Everything is very visible and contained so labels aren’t really needed. Like I said, I do need to make new labels for the plastic containers above. I recommend labels if your totes make it hard to see inside or if a lot of different people are using the pantry. 

pantry labels

4 – Added Storage – Hooks, stacking shelves, and the back of door are all easy ways to add more storage in the pantry. I have a hook holding a bag for grocery bags. That always seems so ironic to me. I also have hooks for aprons and a dish cloth and towel. Take advantage of vertical space if you need too. Even though this isn’t a large pantry it’s the biggest I’ve ever had so I seem to have plenty of storage space. 

grocery bag storage

5 – Be Realistic – While having the right storage containers can help you keep your space organized, nothing is perfect. I always do a quick little inventory before shopping and make sure I don’t get lazy while putting things away. Putting things where they go in the first place will help you save time and stay organized in the long run. If you need to set time aside to get organized again, do it! It will benefit you daily. 

Enjoy your organized pantry!

corner pantry organization tips

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5 Pantry Organization Tips

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