Ice Cream Snowman

Do you get snow in the Winter or do you live in a warm climate that rarely sees snow? We might see a little snow every 5 years or so where I live so it’s pretty exciting when it does snows. Even if you live in a warm weather climate you can still enjoy creating a little snowman this Winter. My kids and grandkids love making these Ice Cream Snowman treats almost as much as eating them.

Ice Cream Snowman - Organize and Decorate Everything

Here’s what you need to make an ice cream snowman:

Ice Cream
Candy corn
Rope red licorice
Mini chocolate chips

Ice Cream Snowman 11.1

Since I knew it would take the kids a while to put their snowman together I pre-made scoops of ice cream, placed the individual scoops in muffin tins, and placed them back in the freezer for about an hour. I’ve also done this for birthday parties. You can place the individual ice cream scoops in cupcake liners or treat cups. It beats trying to scoop ice cream during the party.

Ice Cream Snowman 12

Place a little coconut, chocolate shavings, nuts, or candy sprinkles on the bottom of a shallow bowl or plate to keep the ice cream scoops from sliding around. I chose coconut to represent snow but the kids already told me they would prefer candy sprinkles next time. Go figure!

Ice Cream Snowman 10

I made a couple snowmen to show the kids and then they got busy making their own. Place one scoop of ice cream on top of the other and then let the kids create. Separate 2 pieces of the rope licorice for the scarf and place around the area where the two ice cream scoops meet. The eye are mini chocolate chips and the nose is the orange part of the candy corn. I cut some candy corn pieces into triangles for the kids.

Ice Cream Snowman 4

The nerds make the smile or in this case a somewhat frown. Make the hat with half an Oreo cookie and a Rolo. Use the Oreo icing to stick the Rolo to the top.

Ice Cream Snowman 13

The kids had so much fun making their snowmen and were so proud of their creations. They did such a great job!

Ice Cream Snowman 14

I asked the adults if they wanted to make a snowman but they chose to just eat the ice cream.

Ice Cream Snowman 15

Do you want to build a snowman? The kids really had a great time. Since I’m not an artist I made them really simple which was perfect for the kids. Feel free to add more detail and get as elaborate as you like.

Ice Cream Snowman 8

I think they turned out so adorable, don’t you?

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Ice Cream Snowman

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  • Kara January 25, 2015, 4:49 pm

    These are adorable Leanne! Plus I love the idea of scooping the ice cream into muffin cups ahead of time. Genius!

  • Neha @ Love Food Recipes January 19, 2022, 4:45 am

    Awww! This looks sooo cute & delicious. Loved it!

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