Organize Your Home (with baskets, bins, and totes)

I believe 100% in being organized, but I also believe in not spending a lot of money. Take a look at how I organize my home, to get ideas on how to organize your home the inexpensive way with baskets, bins, and totes. You can pick up a variety of baskets, bins, and totes almost anywhere. Some of my favorite places are Ross, thrift stores and Home Goods. Look for the best varieties in the late Winter and early Spring. The best thing about organizing with baskets is that you can take them with you when you move and use them again. They are also easy to move from room to room if your needs change.

Organize your Whole Home with Baskets, Bins, and Totes


This large woven basket is to hold extra pillow cushions I don’t mind my kids throwing on the floor.

Family Room Organization 3

I wish I would have bought 2 of these lidded baskets for extra blankets in the living area. It makes a great portable table for easy access to snacks while watching TV too.

organizing with baskets storage


I made a craft table on a really limited budget then added these inexpensive totes for hidden storage. Attach chalkboard labels to the totes with small clothespins.

organizing with baskets craft room table

These totes hold non-seasonal home decor items I change around in my home regularly.

organizing with baskets decorating items


If you don’t have any drawers or enough drawer space in your desk a small shelf with baskets and bins can hold office essentials.

organizing with baskets desk shelves

The lower basket holds my personal files.

organizing with baskets files

The basket under the desk is to control all the office cords that would normally be in a jumble on the floor.

organizing with baskets cords


This bedside table didn’t have enough hidden storage so I added the baskets that more than doubled the storage space.

organizing with baskets side table

My boys bedrooms are small and storage space is limited so these totes under the bed add much needed storage space for their stuff.

organizing with baskets under bed

You can usually find more storage space in the bottom of a clothes closet. By adding totes to inexpensive shelves you can store lots of items that are easy to access.

organizing with baskets Emilee

Store seldom used items in totes or bins on a top shelf in a closet.

organizing with baskets Emilee totes

These milk crates are another inexpensive way to store items on a top shelf in the boys room.

filling the space 6.1


I love using baskets to corral pretty and useful items especially if I’m limited on space.

organizing with baskets laundry supplies

If you have a really cute laundry basket you can keep it out on display in the laundry room. I love this one with wheels.

organizing with baskets laundry

I fortunately have large cabinets in the laundry room that offer plenty of storage. I added totes to organize and contain the separate items.

organizing with baskets laundry room totes

All of your baskets don’t have to match, especially if they’re behind closed doors, they just have to work for that space. Sometimes you just need a small basket to hold small essential items.

organizing with baskets laundry things


Plastic baskets are the best to use in places with a lot of moisture, like the bathroom. I also like to label everything so there’s no question where to get and return things.

organizing with baskets linen closet

Rolling wash cloths and hand towels and placing them in a basket looks cute and also gives everyone easy access to them.

Organizing with baskets bathroom towels

I was tired of hubby’s razor being out in a big jumble in the corner of the counter so everything associated with the razor is now placed in this lidded basket.

organizing with baskets shaver basket

I love these cheap baskets to hold small items in almost any and every drawer.

organizing with baskets make up


I was so tired of trying to keep lids with the containers. This is a much more convenient way to keep the lids under control.

organizing plastic lids

I was also tired of the water bottles falling over and being a mess in the cabinet. They’re much easier to control now that they’re in a basket.

organizing water bottles

Baskets are an easy way to keep food separated in the freezer.

organizing with baskets freezer

And the refrigerator.

Dollar General kitchen organizing 9

And even in the pantry.

organizing with baskets pantry

This basket holds extra paper products for picnics, barbecues, and even just for nights when you don’t feel like doing dishes.

paper products moving basket

Who says you can’t have a neat and tidy all purpose drawer? These little plastic baskets come in handy.

organizing with baskets junk drawer


These baskets on top of open lockers hold seasonal items when not in use. The small baskets below hold gloves and hats in the Winter and swim goggles and bug spray in the Summer.

organizing with baskets mudroom

Under the bench are 2 metal totes that hold the kids lost and found items. They are cleaned out a few times a week.

organizing with baskets lost and found totes


A large laundry basket holds our outdoor and pool toys. The box behind it holds more milk crates to keep the inside of the box organized.

organizing with baskets pool toys

Add milk crates or totes to the back of your vehicle or in the truck to keep essentials available. Use the crates to keep items separated.

organizing with baskets car

Are you ready to get organized?

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