Hanging Succulent Terrarium

I love having succulents in my home, but for some reason if they’re in my bedroom I forget to take care of them. I have a little desk area where I spend a lot of the day on the computer and wanted something beautiful to look at without having to remember to take care of it. This Hanging Succulent Terrarium full of faux succulents is the answer to my dilemma.

Hanging Succulent Terrarium with faux succulents

Supplies needed for Hanging Succulent Terrarium:

glass terrarium with rope (home goods)
leather lacing
faux succulents
white sand
small rocks

I can’t tell you how excited I was to find this terrarium at Home Goods, but if you can’t find it there I’ve also seen ones very similar at other home goods stores and craft shops. You can also find it on line in many places. 

Hanging Succulent Jar supplies

I added leather to the end of the rope to be able to hang it from the ceiling and to give it more length. Wrap the leather around the rope several times then make a loop and bring the end back through the wrapped area several times and tie a knot in the back. Measure how far you want the terrarium to hang from the ceiling so you know how big to make the loop. My loop is 8″ long once folded, so I cut the leather approximately 20-22″ long. 

Hanging Succulent rope

Now it’s time to fill the terrarium. I used 2 colors of sand because I had it and liked the contrast, but one would work just fine. I love the way the 2 colors look though. Put enough in the bottom to add interest but not enough to pour out the hole.

Hanging Succulent container add sand

Add the plants next and arrange them how you like. Three fit really well in this size of terrarium, but the purple one was too large so I cut it in half.

Hanging Succulent add plants

Fill in the spaces between the plants with rocks then add the moss in a few areas. Add more rocks if you need to fill in more spaces around the moss and plants.

Hanging Succulent rocks and moss

Now hang it from a hook in the ceiling. The terrarium gets rather heavy once you add everything so I recommend making sure the hook is in wood or use a spring hook for stability and strength.

Hanging Succulent sand

It’s just what I needed to add some fun and life to my little work space.

Hanging Succulents

I love it so much that I might need to add a couple more.

Hanging Succulent desk area

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Hanging faux succulent terrarium

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