Organized Dish Towel Drawer

Let’s get started on quick and easy ways to an organized dish towel drawer.

Organized Dish Towel Drawer

I share quick organizing tips on Instagram but have been asked by a few people to share them here also. Let’s start with some spaces in the kitchen. My first easy tip was about Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink a month ago. I’ll add more kitchen organizing posts in the future.

Dish Towel Drawer

Organized Dish Towel Drawer

My first tip is to take inventory of your supplies. Transfer towels and dish cloths that are worn to the rag bin. Then replenish the towels, dish cloths, and hot pads to fit your needs. Just for reference I have 12 dish towels and 8 dish cloths.

I recommend purchasing towels with a loop on the back so they’re easy to hang from a hook. My mother-in-law made these dish cloths and it’s time I ask for more. I should learn how to crochet but I’ve tried and it’s not a talent of mine.

Kitchen dish towel drawer

Measure the drawer width and height so you know what container size you need. These are only $2.50 each at Walmart. Only spending $5 to get a drawer organized is my idea of a great deal. As a reminder, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on organizing supplies.

dish towel drawer 3

My hot pads are pretty sad. I have my eye on these great crocheted ones on Amazon. I’ll share them with you on Instagram and in the comments when I get them. They cost a little more than I usually spend but the reviews are really good and I love the way they look.

hot pads drawer

I made the bottom trivet a few years ago which reminds me that I’ve been wanting to make another one. Here’s the link to the post. The other trivets were purchased at IKEA. We use them all the time to protect the countertops and dining table.

trivet drawer

It’s always important to have some empty space when organizing a drawer or cabinet. If spaces are over crowded you might not have space for something you really need. This drawer has a pretty good ratio of blank space. I hope these tips are helpful.

Happy Organizing!

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Dish Towel Drawer organized

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  • Kimberly August 8, 2022, 7:00 am

    Maybe you could’ve added how to fold the towels to fit in this space; not that I need it, but goes with the flow.

  • leanneja August 10, 2022, 8:39 am

    Maybe I will add a video of the folding. Thank you.

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