Rock Trivet

How many of you pin things almost everyday but seldom make or create what you pin? I pinned a photo of a glass teapot several years ago but what I really wanted to recreate in the photo was the Rock Trivet it was sitting on. It was inexpensive and easy to recreate and I love the natural look of it. I only made one, I think I need to make at least 2 more.

Natural Rock Trivet by Organize and Decorate Everything

Supplies needed:

small river rocks (dollar store)
brown felt (craft store)
hot glue gun

As you can tell from the supply list each trivet will cost you around $1. You can’t beat that price!

Rock Trivet supplies

I used a small dinner plate as a template for the trivet size. Trace the plate on both felt pieces.

Rock Trivet trace circle on felt

Then cut the circles out. Place them on top of each other to trim up any uneven places.

Rock Trivet felt pieces

Hot glue the 2 felt pieces together for better support for the rocks. You could also use a piece of cork for better support. I might try that next time.

Rock Trivet felt bottom

Hot glue the rocks onto the piece of felt. You can be generous with the glue but try not to let any of the glue show from the top.

Rock Trivet gluing rocks

I placed the rocks on the felt first, then started gluing them in place once I had them laid out the way I wanted. Place them randomly but also as close together as possible.

Rock Trivet gluing rocks on felt bottom

I tried to space the different colored rocks out so there wouldn’t be too many of the same color close together. Place them all on the felt then rearrange them until you like the placement.

Rock Trivet side view

I love the look of it just sitting on the kitchen counter but I also love how useful it is. Since I made it, it has become my favorite trivet and I use it daily.

Rock Trivet top view

The rock trivet keeps hot pots or bowls safely away from the kitchen counter in a beautiful way. Like I said earlier, I need to make a couple more. I love how it turned out.

Rock Trivet in use

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