Things That Make Your Home Look Cluttered

15 things that can make your home look cluttered. How to achieve a clutter free home with small changes.

things that make your home look cluttered

Things that can Make your Home look Cluttered.

Messy Entry/Porch Area – How your porch looks should be a reflection of the rest of your home. Only have a limited number of items on your porch to keep it from looking messy. Make sure to sweep leaves and other debris from it regularly.

things your home look cluttered porch

Cluttered Surfaces – It seems like any flat surface can become a catch all. It’s just too easy to toss things on a cabinet or counter top. Place baskets, bowls, or a beautiful covered box to catch things you want to keep convenient in that area. Things that don’t belong in that area need to be placed in their designated storage space.

Excessive Home Decorations – I love home decor but sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. Put a limit on your home decor items and stick to it. Even if you have a lot of beautiful items, too many can make your home look cluttered. Rotate your decor items so you can display more of them without it looking cluttered.

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Toys Everywhere – If you have children you have toys, that’s just reality. Make sure to go through toys at least twice a year to keep things in check. I suggest containers to make them not seem like clutter and keep them organized and contained. You can even rotate toys so not all of them are available at one time.

Paper Piles – The best way to get rid of paper piles is to have a designated place for paper coming into your home. A couple hanging pockets for school papers and mail work really well and there are many styles to choose from. Have a recycling bin close by for newspaper and other recyclable paper.

Things on Refrigerator Doors – I know, I know, hanging things on the refrigerator door is like a family tradition. It still looks like clutter. Another option is to have a bulletin board in the laundry room, kitchen, or a pass through area for things you might want to display on the refrigerator.

refrigerator declutter

Too Much Furniture – There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Furniture that is too big can also make the space look cluttered. Take everything out of your space and add furniture back in gradually. Try not to overstuff a space. There is a big difference between cozy and cluttered.

Too Many Pillows – I love decorative pillows but have realized you can have too many. Since I love changing up my pillows I have started moving them from room to room when I want to change around my decor. Another option is to purchase pillow covers and change them out. It saves so much space and gives you a lot of decorating options.

declutter pillows

Laundry Piles – Believe me I understand how laundry can get out of hand, but clothes laying around just look like clutter even if they are clean. Try this idea of doing a load of laundry everyday from start to finish instead of several loads in one day. I have 8 kids and that’s what worked well for me.

Over Filled Bookcases/Cabinets – Even if things are in a designated place it can look cluttered. Take stock of what you have and edit books, magazines, tchotchkes and other items. Keep things that are important to you but don’t keep things just to have them. I know that can be hard sometimes but you will love your space more.

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Dishes in the Sink – If you have a dishwasher make a habit of rinsing the dishes and placing them in the dishwasher. Run it once it’s full. If you hand wash dishes make it a goal to wash them after every meal.

Too Full Countertops – There’s nothing wrong with making things convenient but leaving too many things on countertops is clutter. It also makes it a lot harder to keep the space clean. Use baskets or bins in the bathroom drawers to keep things convenient but out of the way. In the kitchen only leave necessary things or items you use every day on the counter.

countertops declutter

Cords and Wires – Cords and wires across the floor or exposed under cabinets and desks not only look messy but they can also be dangerous. Use cord cables or hooks to keep them up and out of the way.

Unmade Beds – Making the bed makes the room look 75% better even if there are a few other things out of place. Plus it just feels so much nicer climbing into smooth bed sheets at night.

make bed home look cluttered

Items in the Wrong Place – Create designated places for the things in your home. You save time when you know where something belongs and it helps keep your spaces in check. You might have a clean home but if things are out of place it can still feel cluttered.

I hope these tips help you achieve your goal of a clutter free home.

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