60 things to Declutter From Your Home

60 Things to Declutter from Your Home

Decluttering doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. I’m sharing 60 Things to Declutter From Your Home and also some helpful tips on how to discard them. These aren’t things that are hard to part with but sometimes get overlooked. Start with these things then once you’re ready you can move onto harder things. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much space you have freed up and how less clutter makes your home feel more peaceful.

Disclaimer: I have shared several of these things in previous posts. Skip over the things you have already decluttered or take a quick look and make sure they haven’t got out of hand again. 

60 things to declutter from your home this week

60 Things to Declutter from Your Home

Dry Cleaner and Store Hangers – Grab 2 bags, one for the store hangers and one for the dry cleaner hangers then return the hangers to the appropriate places the next time you’re running errands. Tell clothing stores you don’t want the hangers before they place the clothing in the bag to no longer bring unwanted hangers home.

Old Magazines and Catalogs – Donate magazines to the hospital or doctors office. I think they’re accepting them again. Toss or recycle newspapers, catalogs and phone books. Stop unwanted subscriptions from coming to your home.

Containers with Lost Lids – Toss containers without matching lids. For some reason a few disappear every year. Also toss lids that don’t have a container.

Old Product Boxes – You don’t need those old computer, tablet, phone and small appliance boxes once they’re past the point of being able to be returned. They’re just taking up space. Toss them to make room for things you really need.

Socks with Holes or no Mate – Quickly go through the socks and toss any with holes or no mate. My kids match socks for me so this is part of their chores. You can keep a couple to make sock puppets or dust cloths if you like.

Expired Food – While you’re putting groceries away check the expiration date on the food in the pantry and refrigerator. Store food with older expiration dates in front to be used first.

Cords You don’t Use – Toss cords for phones you no longer have, old computer cords, old appliance or tool cords, and frayed or kinked cords.

Duplicate Kitchen Utensils – Do you need 4 whisks, 5 ladles, or 3 ice cream scoops? Probably not! It’s time to toss them or donate them to someone who needs them.

Instruction Manuals – Most instruction manuals can be found on line. Toss them to save on space, plus it would probably be quicker to find them on line than searching through all your manuals.

Expired Medications – Over the counter medications and prescriptions need to be disposed of properly. Your local police station usually has a place to take medications to be discarded. Or I just found out recently that you can ask your local pharmacy how to discard them.

Make-Up – Don’t use your make up and toiletries past the expiration date for most effectiveness. I have a post that shares how you can quickly go through your make-up by writing the expiration or purchase date on the container. Also check out the Expiration Date Printable in that same post, then print it out for reference. Tape it to the inside of your medicine cabinet for easy access.

Broken Items – Gather all the broken items throughout your house and either toss them or give yourself a week or two to fix them. Whatever is not fixed at that point, toss it.

Writing Tools – Toss pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, or colored pencils that no longer work. There is nothing more aggravating than going through a number of pens before you find one that works (my kids put them back in the drawer even when they don’t work.)

Old Linens – Towels, sheets, pillowcases, table cloths, and blankets that are stained and frayed can be given to an animal shelter. Don’t use linens that you wouldn’t want your guests to use.

Paper, Paper, Paper – I have a great post that tackles most of the paper in your house and coming into your house. Refer to the paper post here. Toss and/or shred the papers you no longer need.

Craft Supplies – I have a rule that if I haven’t used a craft supply in 2 years, I donate it to someone I know will use it. This can be hard for me since I craft all the time but I need to make space for the things I really use. Toss the things that aren’t of any worth and donate the rest.

Hair Accessories – Stretched out and broken elastics, too small accessories, and stained or ripped fabric accessories can all be tossed.

Hardware – If you no longer have the item for the extra hardware, if it hasn’t been used in a couple years, or if it’s rusted, it’s time to get rid of it.

Plastic Dishware – Quickly check your containers to make sure they all have lids, are not stained, or warped. Toss the ones you need to.

Clothing and Shoes – Too small, too big, or don’t wear? Donate! Stained, torn, not repairable? Toss! It’s seems hard but it’s pretty simple once you make your mind up that you want space for the things you really wear. Be honest with yourself. 

Take Out Menus – Most restaurant menus are on line now. It’s faster to look the menu up on your phone than searching through the junk drawer.

Combination Locks – You probably have combination locks around the house your kids forgot the combination to. It’s time to get rid of them.

Old Electronics – If you have electronics you’re not using, now is the time to donate or toss them. They can take up a lot of important space.

Party Supplies – Do you have a mishmash of party supplies? Toss them, or you can do what I do and add the paper plates, napkins, and plastic utensils to you picnic basket or use them on a day when you don’t feel like doing the dishes. The napkins are also good to add to lunch boxes or keep in the car glove box.

Ticket Stubs – There’s really no reason to have ticket stubs once you’ve attended the event. It’s just more paper clutter.

Hotels Toiletry Samples – You don’t need to save that bag full of toiletries , the hotel has more for your next visit. And at some point they do expire and you probably won’t use all of them before that.

Free Promotional Items – You know those promotional items you grabbed because they were free but have never used? They are taking up valuable space so get rid of them.

Store Reward Cards and Gift Cards – Store reward cards that you are no longer using and expired or used gift cards are taking up space in you wallet or purse. It can also be confusing as to whether you’ve used them or not. You can look on line to see the balance and toss the used or expired ones.

Wrapping Paper Scraps – You have good intentions of using all those scrap pieces of wrapping paper and ribbon but never do. It’s time to toss them or use them to stuff a package you have going out in the mail.

Broken Christmas Lights – Don’t pack away those broken strands of Christmas lights. Toss them! It’s frustrating when you think you have lights the next year and they don’t work.

Grocery Bags – Most grocery stores have grocery bag recycling areas where you can turn the bags back in. Better yet, purchase reusable bags.

Old Business Cards – Toss your old business cards and ones you have received from others. If there is some information you want to keep, take a picture of it with your phone and save them in a separate folder.

Broken Jewelry – Either fix the broken jewelry or toss it. If it’s too difficult for you to fix take it to a jeweler.

Greeting Cards – You don’t need to keep every greeting card you have ever received. Only keep the very special ones if you feel you need too.

Puzzles, Games and Playing Cards – Puzzles, games, and playing cards with missing and broken pieces need to be tossed. They’re just taking up space and will never be used.

Flat Pillows – Toss flat bed pillows and decorative pillows. They just don’t look or feel good.

Old Text Books – If you haven’t had to look at a resource book for over a year then donate it to someone who will use it. Sometimes you can sell them to be resold.

Phone Books – When was the last time you used a phone book? Recycle it!

Stuffed Animals – Pare down your kids stuffed animals then limit them to a certain amount. Let them help you decide a reasonable amount for them to keep.

Dead Plants – Tossing dead plants is pretty obvious but can sometimes be overlooked.

Old Sports Equipment – Donate sports equipment you don’t use anymore that is still useful. Toss any equipment that is beyond repair.

Rusty Tools – Clean up the tools you can and toss any that aren’t usable anymore.

Small Bike Helmets – Donate the helmets, knee, and elbow pads your kids have outgrown.

Broken Umbrellas – Toss those umbrellas that have rips or don’t open and close easily.

Extra Canvas Bags – It is possible to have too many canvas bags. Donate the bags or fill them with needed supplies and distribute to those less fortunate.

Damaged Suitcases – Get rid of the suitcases that have broken straps and wheels. They’re just frustrating to use.

Unfinished Projects – Give yourself a time frame (3 months at the most) to finish already started projects. If you don’t get them completed, it’s time to give them to someone who will.

Old Knick Knacks – If you have knick knacks tucked away in a closet it’s time to donate them to someone who will enjoy them.

Formal Gowns – When was the last time you wore one of those gowns? They’re just taking up valuable space in your closet when someone else could be wearing them. Sometimes there are places you can donate the gowns. Donate before prom season so girls who can’t afford to buy a new one can have a pretty dress.

Expired Sunscreen – If your sunscreen is from last year toss it out and purchase a new bottle. It’s not going to give you the protection you need.

Deflated Balls – Try pumping up a flat ball but if it won’t stay inflated it’s time to toss it.

Leaky Water Bottles – Toss those leaky water bottles and travel mugs and stop those liquid messes.

Old Invitations – Once the event is over you can toss those old invitations, baby announcements, wedding announcements, and cards.

Too Many Vases – How many vases do you really need? Keep 2-3 of varying sizes and donate the rest.

Old Tooth Brushes – Take a quick look through the medicine cabinet and toss old toothbrushes, combs with missing teeth, and bent bobby pins.

Dried Up Nail Polish – Toss nail polish that is dried up or goopy or if you don’t wear the color.

Old Perfume – If you haven’t wore a certain perfume for a year it’s time to get rid of it.

Kiddie Furniture – Donate furniture and toys your kids have outgrown.

Not Wanted Holiday Decor – Go through your holiday decor as each holiday approaches and donate what you no longer want to display. Do it before the holiday, so someone else can benefit from it immediately. 

Damaged Furniture – Give yourself a time limit to repair furniture or get rid of it.

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60 things to declutter from your home

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  • Mia Evans May 3, 2021, 5:49 pm

    I totally agree when you said that electronics that we don’t use anymore take a lot of space, so they should be thrown away. My husband has been a hoarder of computer-related stuff because he has been upgrading but he doesn’t throw away the old ones. I hope to find a company that can handle E-waste to help me out with cleaning his office.

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