Christmas Gift Kit Ideas

My favorite part of the holiday season is creating memories and spending special time with family and friends. I love Christmas day and but I also love how we celebrate leading up to the holiday. Thank you SC Johnson for helping me share my Christmas Gift Kit Ideas in this post. #ZiplocHolidayUAI Continue to the bottom for the free printable tags.

Christmas Gift Kit Ideas with Ziploc Containers

I’m sharing 3 gift kit ideas to give to family, neighbors, friends, or co-workers during the holiday season. Here are the supplies I’m using in the kits. I like shopping for everything I need in one place so I was very pleased Walmart had everything I needed for all 3 kits. You don’t need to include these exact supplies but here are some good ideas for you to get creative with. I used the Ziploc® brand container medium square 3 Ct. They were the perfect size for these kits.

Christmas Kit supplies

The best part about these kits is that they’re very inexpensive and can be customized for anyone. We like to create a Holiday Fun List or Bucket List every Christmas season. These would be a fun activity and tradition to add to you list.

Christmas Gifts Kits

Find the Ziploc® brand container size that best fits your kit idea then fill it with the supplies needed. I like using these containers because you don’t need to worry about anything breaking or the container opening. And they can also be reused by the recipient.

Christmas Kits with Ziploc Containers

The Trim the Tree kit is fun for a college student, a spouse working away from home during the holiday season, a single neighbor or friend, or even your own kids. We have a tradition of our kids decorating their own trees for their bedroom. If you have little ones it might be fun to start that tradition. This whole kit was only about $8 including the tree so it’s very affordable.

Christmas Tree Kit

Fill the Ziploc® brand container with ornaments, ribbon, and a tree topper for a fun gift and activity. You could even have a little tree trimming party with your college roommates or a group of friends.

Christmas Tree Decorating Kit ornaments

Place the tree on top and it’s ready for gift giving.

Christmas Tree Decorating Kit

The Gingerbread House kit is fun for the kids or grand kids. Plan a little party and have the kits all ready at the table when they come. They can each go home with little gingerbread houses or if they’re like my kids they might eat them right after they create them.

Gingerbread House Kit

Place everything they will need to create their house in the Ziploc® brand container. I use cupcake liners to keep the candies separated and contained.

Christmas Kit Gingerbread House

This is one of our favorite family activities. I can’t wait to make them again this year. Plus there’s always extra candy for the kids to eat. They would be fun to make for a kids Christmas party too. The kids could place the finished houses in the containers to carry them safely home.

Christmas Gingerbread House Kit

The Cookie kit can be created in several different ways. You could have a cookie exchange party where everyone brings cookies and leaves with a variety of all the cookies. The host could provide the Ziploc® brand containers and the ribbon and tags for the guests.

Christmas Cookier Exchange Party

You could also create a kit with all of the supplies and frosting needed to decorate the cookies. It would be similar to the Gingerbread House kit.

Christmas Cookie Exchange

Or you could bake cookies and load up the container with your homemade goodness to give to friends and neighbors. I love all the homemade goodies we receive around the holidays.

Christmas Cookie Exchange Gift

Click here to print the Christmas Tags to attach to your Ziploc® brand containers. Just punch a hole in the top and slide it on a ribbon.

Christmas Tags

What kit or gift ideas do you have for these Ziploc® brand containers? As an added bonus many Ziploc® brand bags feature special holiday designs for gift giving. I like to use them in lunches just to make it more fun during the holiday season.

Christmas Gift Kits

This post was not sponsored by Walmart.

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  • Carissa Bonham November 20, 2017, 8:26 pm

    These are all such fun gift ideas! I’m always looking for easy gifts for neighbors and teachers like this.

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