Gift Wrapping Made Easy

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who love wrapping presents and those who would rather pay to have someone else do it. I love wrapping presents as long as I’m prepared. I’m going to share some Gift Wrapping Made Easy ideas with you so you will hopefully be the kind of person who loves wrapping gifts. If you still don’t love it, pay someone to do it. Really!

Gift Wrapping Made Easy for those who want pretty packages in less time

Gift Wrapping Made Easy

1- Let’s start with getting everything in one place and contained. As you can tell, it doesn’t have to be perfect or fancy. It just needs to keep everything together and easy to get too. Grab a bag, a basket, a tote, or anything else and start filling it with what you need. Make sure it’s tall enough to hold the wrapping paper rolls securely.

Wrapping supplies

2- Think of your color scheme and work from there. Knowing what colors you are working with makes it easy to quickly find the supplies you want and need. I usually change my color scheme every year, this year it was red, white, and silver. Here’s my list of supplies: wrapping paper, tissue paper, ribbon (in different widths), tinsel, fuzzy sticks, bakers twine, pom-pom trim, metal tags, glitter snowflakes, tulle, white tags, letter stickers, rick-rack, washi tape, tape, scissors. You can also use any extra ornaments, bells, or greenery to garnish the packages.

supplies bag

3- Package the clothes in cereal boxes. I’ve always hated spending money on clothes boxes. The kids usually rip them up getting their present out and I’m cheap so it irritates me. I’ve rarely been able to save them for the next year so I found a free solution. Cereal boxes are perfect for clothing, but you can use any kind of box they will fit in. If you want to confuse them, put them in a different shaped box. Now when the kids rip the boxes open I don’t care.

cereal Wrapping boxes

4- Use different wrapping paper for each person. I have 2 reasons for this: It makes it much easier for my husband to pass out presents Christmas morning and the kids can see how many gifts they have without rummaging through them under the tree. You know they love to compare the number of gifts they all have. I admit I’m a little crazy when it comes to having everything under the tree looking good, so I wrap them in their own paper so they will leave the presents alone. Hubby passes out one present to each person Christmas morning and we all unwrap them at the same time. Having a certain gift wrap for each person makes it easier for him to see who he still needs to give gifts too.

gift wrapping ideas

5- Add a special touch. I dig into my craft stash to find all the supplies I’m going to need to make each gift special. It doesn’t take much time but it sure does add to the excitement of opening the gifts. I make all of them a little different but keep them really simple so I can wrap them fast.

polka dot paper

This year I used stickers on the tags and gifts to label them. Last year I used rubber stamps on tags for the labels. Since I have a lot of rubber stamps and plain tags I might do that again this year.

pretty red bows

Have you started wrapping your gifts yet? What are your favorite tips and tricks? Happy Wrapping!

monograms on tags

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Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

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  • kamila December 17, 2015, 10:47 am

    What a great idea Leanne! Thanks

  • Loren December 8, 2021, 11:49 am

    These are all great ideas! I especially love the using a different wrapping paper for each person, makes it easier to plan and distribute.

    Thanks for sharing

  • pickthecoupon February 28, 2022, 2:36 am

    Leanne! Thank you for sharing this amazing ideas.

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