Spooky Spider Wreath

Remember when I talked about using craft supplies I already have for my projects? I’m trying to do it with my holiday crafts and decor too. I hope I’m helping to give you ideas on how to use what you already have to create now decor items for your home. It was time for a new Halloween wreath and I’m so happy with how this Spooky Spider Wreath turned out.

Spooky Spider Wreath

Supplies Needed:

Foam wreath (I took apart an old wreath)
Halloween tights (was supposed to be used for a costume)
Plastic spiders
Bakers twine
Mini clothes pins
Halloween scrapbook paper
Paper medallion (from an old project)
Glitter letters
Hot glue gun
1 5/8″ circle punch

Spooky Spider Wreath supplies

Start by cutting the legs off the tights.

Spooky Spider Wreath cut tights

Then cut the toes off the tights so you have 2 tubes of fabric.

Spooky Spider Wreath tights

Cut a slit in the foam wreath using a serrated knife.

Spooky Spider Wreath foam wreath

Slide the tights over the foam wreath.

Spooky Spider Wreath adding stocking

Use a little hot glue to hold the tights in place.

Spooky Spider Wreath glue fabric

Now it’s time to make the banner. I used paper with different designs and varying degrees of orange and white. Cut rectangles 2″ wide x 3″ long. Make a mark in the center of one of the 2″ sides, cut from the center to the outside of the other side of the paper to form a triangle. I used a paper cutter to make it easier.

Spooky Spider Wreath banner pieces

Spell out any word you would like on the flags to make the banner. I used some left over glitter scrapbook letters.

Spooky Spider Wreath letters on banner

String the bakers twine across the wreath form and tie. Secure the banner pieces to the twine using mini clothespins. These were already painted black but you could also paint your own.

Spooky Spider Wreath banner flags

You can even mix and match letters if you don’t have enough letters of the same style.

Spooky Spider Wreath Banner

Attach gems to the backs of the spiders using e6000 glue.

Spooky Spider Wreath spider bling

I found this medallion from an old project and decided it would be perfect the wreath. I used a 1 5/8″ circle punch to make the orange dot and attached it to the center of the medallion then added the spider to the top.

Spooky Spider Wreath medallion

I attached the rest of the spiders to the door using glue dots. So far they’ve held up.

Spooky Spider Wreath door spiders

There you have it! Spooky Spider Wreath using things I already had. What can you make with things you already have?

Spooky Spider Wreath.2

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