Fall Hoop Wreath

Fall Hoop Wreath with hanging tags and a touch of glitter.

Fall Hoop Wreath with hanging tags and a touch of Glitter

As I continue to clean out my craft room tossing and donating items I know I won’t need or use in the future, I’m still focusing on using my craft stash to create some seasonal decorations for the upcoming holidays. I get a certain satisfaction using what I already have because it forces me to be a little more creative. Does that happen to you too? Really at this point I don’t need to go out and purchase more craft supplies since I have a pretty good stash. I gathered a few supplies to make this Fall Hoop Wreath for the front door to hold me over until I get the Halloween decorations out in a few more weeks.

Yellow Fall Hoop Wreath

Supplies Needed:

Large hoop (you only need one section, I used the other section for this project)
Chunky yarn
Cork stickers
Wood tags
Paint (white)
Stencil brush

Fall Hoop Wreath supplies

Start by wrapping the hoop with yarn and tying the ends together to secure it.

Fall Hoop Wreath yarn

I have a stash of bunches of little flowers that I like to pop into vases here and there. I bought a bunch of these flowers at Dollar Tree many years ago, and they still have similar ones. The color was perfect for Fall and this wreath. Arrange them how you like, then secure together with an elastic band to keep them in place.

Fall Wreath Flower bunch

Attach them to the hoop frame using a couple pieces of wire.

Fall Hoop wire flowers

Then fluff the flowers and position them how you like. Hide the elastic band by tying a ribbon over it.

Fall Hoop Wreath flowers

Place the feathers in the flowers and slide them between the wire to hold them in place.

Fall Hoop Wreath feathers

I wanted to add a little background design to the tags so I decided to stencil a chevron pattern using white paint on the natural wood. It’s pretty subtle but adds a little depth to the tags.

Fall Wreath paint tags

Let paint dry a few minutes then adhere the cork letter stickers to the tags to spell Fall. The texture of the cork letters are so fun!

Fall Wreath Fall tags

I made these glitter clothespins a few years ago and they were perfect for this wreath. Make them by applying glue or mod podge to the outside of the clothespins then dip in glitter and let dry. Secure the tags to the twine using the clothespins.

Fall Hoop Wreath banner

Tie a ribbon to the top of the wreath to hang it. Notice how the wreath is strategically placed to see the peep hole. My kids freak out if the peep hole is covered.

Can you make a wreath using the things in your stash? Get creative and see what you come up with.

Fall Hoop

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Fall Hoop Wreath with hanging tags

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