Dorm Room Essentials

I previously wrote a post in which I shared Dorm Room Shower Caddy and Bathroom Essentials. In this post I will be sharing Dorm Room Essentials for the kitchen, study area and sleeping area in the dorm. Like most of you we are working on an extremely tight budget so I would suggest using as many things from home as you can.

Dorm Room Essentials including sleeping area, study area, and kitchen

Dorm Room Essentials

Sleeping Area Essentials List

If your student has a twin bed you can save a lot of money by using the bedding she already has. You could buy a new throw pillow or extra blanket to add to the old bedding to tie it in with the new room. Make sure to purchase the zippered bed bug protector pad or sheet. It’s my number 1 priority for the bed area and some dorms actually require it. 

Dorm Room Bedding Essentials

sheet set – twin or xl twin (depending on college)
zippered bed bug protector pad (usually required)
mattress pad (dorm beds are pretty hard)
throw blanket or extra blanket
throw pillows (optional)
rug (optional, but great in a cold area)

Study Area Essentials List

Your student probably already has many of the study area essentials. Use what you already have to save money and to not waste supplies. Of course, purchase any required supplies for classes. Those can usually be purchased at the University bookstore.

Desk Essentials

garbage can
chair cushion
laptop computer
student planner/calendar
flash drive
power strip
desk drawer organizers
push pins
super glue
head phones
phone charger
hole punch
safety pins
spiral notebooks or composition books
bookends (optional)
fabric for bulletin board (optional)

Kitchen Essentials List

We were able to save a little money on the kitchen supplies by giving our student duplicates of things we had at home. She has a full kitchen in her dorm so we needed to buy a minimum of things to stock the kitchen. She will be preparing easy food most of the time and eating in the cafe about once a week. Take what you need from this list.

Dorm Room Kitchen Essentials

Brita pitcher
measuring cups
measuring spoons
pots and pans
ice cream scoop
pizza cutter
can opener
cooking utensils
salt and pepper shakers
hot pads
cutting board
plastic storage containers
mixing bowls
loaf pan
chip clips
eating utensils
cookie sheet
muffin pan
cake pan
serving bowl
dish soap
dish cloths
paper towels
drawer liners
stickers for food

More Dorm Room Essentials

There’s always a few things that are needed that you might not think of. We tried to think of everything since she won’t have a car and there aren’t many stores close by. Take what you need from this list.

Dorm Room Essentials

duffle bag (weekend trips)
dvd case (optional)
water bottle
folding step stool (needed for kitchen cabinets and closet)
organizing baskets
full length mirror
stacking drawers (for under the bed)
hamper (with laundry items)
sewing kit
jewelry organizer
shoe rack
Command hooks
wall decor (optional)
small tool kit

Can you think of anything to add to these lists? Don’t forget to check out the Dorm Room Shower Caddy and Bathroom Essentials link at the top of this post.

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