Striped Floral Spring Wreath

Make this Striped Floral Spring Wreath for a bright and festive Spring welcome to your home. If you don’t have a Spring wreath, you can make this one in about 15 minutes.

Striped Floral Spring Wreath

I love wreaths! And I love black and white, especially stripes! You might not think of black and white as Spring colors but I love decorating with them year round. By adding the right accent colors they can easily be used for any season. These bright flowers add a beautiful contrast to the black and white stripes. 

Spring Striped Floral Wreath

This wreath only takes about 15 minutes to make and the results are beautiful and striking.

Supplies needed for the Striped Floral Spring Wreath:
foam wreath form (dollar store)
black and white striped socks (or black and white ribbon)
variety of flowers and greens
glue gun and hot glue sticks
wire cutters

Striped Floral Spring Wreath supplies

I bought the wreath form at the dollar store. There are a couple different sizes and this is the largest. If you are using socks instead of ribbon, you will need to cut the wreath to be able to place them around the form. If you are using ribbon you can skip this first step.

Use a serrated knife to cut through the wreath in a sawing motion.

Striped Floral wreath cut with knife

Cut the toe area out of the socks. Gently pull the socks over the wreath form one at a time. For the large wreath you will need 3 long socks. I bought the socks from the dollar spot in Target. Make sure the socks don’t have a heel area, or if they do make sure to position it on the back of the wreath. Once you have all the socks on hot glue the wreath form back together.

Striped Wreath glued into place

Distribute the socks evenly around the wreath. If you use ribbon you can just wrap the ribbon around the wreath and glue the ends in place. You can either use black and white striped ribbon or use the two colors of ribbon and alternate them as you are wrapping the wreath.

Striped Wreath

Now it’s time to pick your flowers. You can buy a bushel of flowers and just separate them or buy individual ones. I opted for individual flowers because I couldn’t find a bushel that had all the colors I wanted to use. Plus these flowers are all made a little different and I love the variety of shapes and textures. Use wire cutters to cut the stems pretty close to the bloom.

Flower stems cut off

Play around with the flowers on the wreath until you like the placement. I also added some greenery. Once you like the placement, hot glue everything in place.

Spring florals on wreath

Add a ribbon to hang it from and tie it in a simple bow. You can use any color ribbon you like but I would use one of the flower colors. I will probably change out this ribbon for a pink or yellow ribbon since my door is blue.

Spring Florals for wreath

Hang and enjoy your wreath. It’s getting me excited for warmer days ahead. How about you. Are you ready for Spring?

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Striped Floral Spring Wreath with ribbon

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