St. Patrick’s Day Confetti Bags

We don’t give a lot of gifts for any holiday but I like to give something little to help celebrate every holiday. We’re not Irish but isn’t it fun to participate in other holidays even if it’s just in little ways? Since green is my favorite color I especially like finding green things to wear and little things to give as gifts. One year the gifts were in a St. Patrick’s Day mug, another year each of the kids got a green Old Navy hat with treats inside, this year I made these awesome St. Patrick’s Day Confetti Bags. Of course they are also filled with little treats and gifts.

St. Patrick's Day Confetti Bags

Supplies Needed:

3 Paints (I used Sour Apple, Snow White and Metallic Glorious Gold – all DecoArt)
Small Burlap Drawstring Bags (Target Dollar Spot)
Pencil Eraser
Wax Paper

St. Patrick's Day Confetti Bag 13

Place a piece of wax paper inside the bag so the paint doesn’t bleed through to the back side. Use the eraser side of a pencil, dip in paint and apply to bag to make the confetti dots. I reload the eraser with paint after each dot. Make the dots random. I have a had time making random dots, it’s the perfectionist in me. The first color has the most dots (green), gold has less, and white has the least. You can place them in any order you like.

St. Patrick's Day Confetti Bag 14

I still need to practice a bit on the random placement, but I love how they turned out and that no two are alike.

St. Patrick's Day Confetti Bag 8

The treats have always included chocolate gold wrapped coins as long as I can remember. Who doesn’t love chocolate for any holiday?

St. Patrick's Day Confetti Bag 7

I also added skittles (catch the rainbow) to every bag, the boy’s bags included small paper pads and a pencil, and Emilee’s included green nail polish. My boys love to play games or draw little cartoon sketches so the paper is the perfect size to take anywhere.

St. Patrick's Day Confetti Bag 6

The bags are ready to be hidden on St. Patrick’s Day.  The kids like hunting for them by following the confetti trail the leprechaun left behind. Who doesn’t like searching for a treasure?

St. Patrick's Day Confetti Bag 5

Now, to my favorite part about the bags. They can be used after the holiday to hold anything from hair accessories, Lego people, little travel games, really anything your kids can think of.

St. Patrick's Day Confetti Bag 3

And because they have a drawstring they can easily be hung on a hook or knob. The confetti process can be used on almost anything. Be creative and go confetti something!

St. Patrick's Day Confetti BurlapBag


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