DIY Produce Bags

I like anything inexpensive and I don’t like being wasteful so I came up with this great idea for reusable Produce Bags. A lot of us already use reusable grocery bags so why not also stop using those plastic bags for produce and start using these DIY reusable produce bags. I made these bags a few months ago, then I saw a grocery store selling something similar last week. They were around $10 for 3. I prefer to take a few minutes and make them for pennies though.

You only need a few supplies:

mesh produce bags
bias tape

I saved the bags oranges come in to make these new bags. So I’m also recycling the free produce bags instead of throwing them out. The mesh is the perfect size for most produce.

Produce bags 7

Cut the ends of the bags so they’re straight. Then cut the bias tape the length of an open end. Slip one end of the bag in the center of the bias tape. You’ll need the double fold type of tape for it to work best. I already had the double fold bias tape, but if you don’t have any you can purchase it for less than $2.

Produce bags 5

Run a small zig zag stitch down the center of the tape to form the bottom of the bag. The top of the bag just gets tied up once it’s full. You could also use a bread tie or twist tie to close the bag.

Produce bags 4.1

Just in case you were wondering how sturdy they are, my little helper will demonstrate for you. As you can see they are very sturdy, remember they did hold oranges first.

Produce bags 2.1

It could be easy to forget to take the bags shopping so I keep them in the back of the van along with the reusable grocery bags, so they don’t get left at home.

Produce bags 3.1

They work so well. What have you recycled lately?

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  • Korilynn March 25, 2014, 6:10 am

    How neat is that! I need to try that.
    Korilynn recently posted..Looking for Tips for Saving on Gluten Free? Check Out My Guest Post!

  • Lisa March 25, 2014, 9:08 am

    Such a good idea for those nets!!
    L x
    Lisa recently posted..Mummy Mani Monday

  • Jesseca March 25, 2014, 10:34 am

    What a smart idea! I have a bunch of those sitting around from our oranges and wasn’t sure if I could find a good use for them.
    Jesseca recently posted..The Best Cheesecake

  • Debra March 25, 2014, 10:49 am

    Wow! I love this. I absolutely hate all of the waste at the grocery store with the plastic bags. fantastic!
    Debra recently posted..Coloring Book T-Shirts

  • Lindsay @Artsy-Fartsy Mama March 25, 2014, 11:47 am

    SO smart!! Love finding ways to reuse things.
    Lindsay @Artsy-Fartsy Mama recently posted..Easy Soft Sugar Cookies

  • Yvonne @ Tried and Tasty March 25, 2014, 12:00 pm

    WHo would have thought to re-use those? What a great idea!
    Yvonne @ Tried and Tasty recently posted..Honey Almond Granola Recipe

  • Kathy March 25, 2014, 2:23 pm

    Great idea! I looked at the special “produce” bags which I am too thrifty to pay for. I had been using the mesh laundry bags, but have had complaints from the store clerks that it is hard to read the sticky number tag on the item through the thicker white mesh. I’m doing this today. I hate the plastic bags, but most stores here require items contained for checkout. This will be great for my farmers market as well.

  • Erlene March 25, 2014, 4:29 pm

    Love this idea and have been thinking of bringing our own bags to the grocery store. Pinned.
    Erlene recently posted..Manapua – Char Siu Bao

  • Amy | The Happy Scraps March 26, 2014, 7:48 am

    This is such a great idea! I feel like I go through SO many ziploc bags. I’m going to have to try this. Thanks!
    Amy | The Happy Scraps recently posted..Pinwheel Table Runner

  • Haley March 26, 2014, 9:47 am

    A few of the small tubs of Trader Joe’s candy, like the smores bites, come home with me every once in a while. I find that they are perfect for organizing things in drawers, especially deeper drawers.

    I also cut down on paper products by using cloth napkins. I have deep navy blue for my daily ones since it shows less crud. Must better than paper towels when eating messy things like BBQ as well. Careful with concentrated colors though. The first few washes may bleed.

  • Jonie @ Just Between Friends March 26, 2014, 8:38 pm

    Such a great idea! I love that you are reusing the free bags to make these!
    Jonie @ Just Between Friends recently posted..General Conference & Easter Giveaway

  • Holly @ Bits of Everything March 27, 2014, 10:24 am

    I hate the plastic bags in the produce department. These look like they would be much better! Great idea!
    Holly @ Bits of Everything recently posted..You’re invited…Link Party #6

  • Elizabeth March 27, 2014, 8:27 pm

    This is so inventive! What a great idea! I use cloth bags for my produce, but you are one step ahead, using something originally destined for the trash!

  • annessa April 20, 2014, 11:57 am

    This is a brilliant idea. I never would have come up with this myself. Thank you so much for sharing! ♡

  • em August 29, 2017, 10:33 am

    I take these mesh bags and fold them a few times (double or triple layers) and sew them into a small pocket for my bar of soap in the shower. It makes a great scrubby that does not hold bacteria and allows the soap to dry. If you use a tight enough mesh, it will hold the bar soap scraps that usually go in the garbage or down the drain

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