Palm Springs Door Tour

If you’re ever in the Palm Springs area don’t miss out on taking the Palm Springs Door Tour (self guided). Every time over the last few years we would drive through Palm Springs it would be the wrong time of day (usually dark) but just a few weeks ago we were finally able to check out the colorful doors of the beautiful mid-century modern homes. I thought I was going to have to drag my husband and son kicking and screaming but they enjoyed it as much as I did.

Palm Springs Door Tour Colorful Doors of the Mid Century Modern Homes

I love these colorful doors but I’m also totally smitten by the architecture of these homes. I could’ve driven around for hours taking hundreds of pictures but it was getting dark and I figured I had stalked enough. My favorite area for the Palm Springs Door Tour is between E Palm Canyon Dr and E Murray Canyon Dr, and S Calle Palo Fierro and S Toledo Ave.

Palm Springs Colorful Doors Blue 2

I totally see why Hollywood stars used to flock to Palm Springs for a quick trip away from the hustle and bustle of southern California. The desert can be a magical place. And even though Palm Springs has become a vacation and Spring Break spot, it was relatively quiet while we were there.

Palm Springs Colorful Doors Blue

We drove around the streets pretty slowly stopping often to take pictures, but were very aware of our surroundings. There were a few people walking around taking pictures by getting on the lawns and walking up to the front door. I would suggest respecting the homeowners privacy and staying off their private property.

Palm Springs Colorful Doors Fushia

Not only are the homes and doors gorgeous but the landscape is pretty incredible too. I could picture myself living in any one of these homes, but for now dreaming will just have to do.

Palm Springs Colorful Doors Yellow

A lot of the homes have block walls and gates for privacy. I love the additional details it adds to the home.

Palm Springs Colorful Doors Blue 4

There is such care taken to every detail of these homes. It was a dream come true finally seeing them. I know that sounds a little extreme but if you love architecture you might feel the same way.

Palm Springs Colorful Door3 Green 3

This gardener has talent! It’s all I can do to keep a couple of succulents alive right now.

Palm Springs Colorful Doors Orange 3

Palm Springs Colorful Doors Teal

These black doors caught my eye mostly because of the door knobs. Aren’t they amazing and perfect for this style of home?

Palm Springs Color Doors Black

If you’re not able to make it to Palm Springs I hope you’ll enjoy the tour I’ve put together for you here.

Palm Springs Colorful Doors Green

Palm Springs Colorful Doors Blue 3

I have a funny story about this house. To the right of this gorgeous yellow door is the dining room, it was evening and the family had gathered for dinner. We were driving by very slowly taking pictures and as we glanced toward the big picture window the whole family was waving to us. It was embarrassing and cute at the same time. I hope we made their day as much as they made ours. It was one of my favorite houses too and it was huge.

Palm Springs COlorful Doors Yellow 2

Palm Springs Colorful Doors Orange 2

The “party lion” house has pretty simple doors but those lions get a lot of attention. I don’t know how often the pool accessories are changed but I have seen many different photographs of them. Also check out that awesome walkway.

Palm Springs Colorful Doors Lions

Palm Springs Colorful Doors Orange

Palm Springs Colorful Doors Blue 5

This is probably the most photographed door and house in the area. That pink is pretty spectacular along with the fountain.

Palm Springs Colorful Doors Pink

This isn’t a door but a lot of the gates are just as impressive.

Palm Springs Colorful Doors Purple

Palm Springs Colorful Doors Green 2

I know this house isn’t as spectacular but it just shows what a huge difference a little paint can make.

Palm Springs Colorful Doors blue and orange

Palm Springs Colorful Doors Teal 2

Palm Springs Colorful Doors Orange 4

I hope you enjoyed this tour and maybe even got some ideas for your own home. Yes, these homes are special but just painting your front door a different color can change the whole look of your home and make it feel special too. If you’re planning a trip to Palm Springs soon, take me with you. I ready to go back.

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Palm Springs Colorful Door Tour

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    Planning to change the color of our door! I want to paint it yellow!!!

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