Flower Blossom Branches

I like to change centerpieces too often to spend much money on them. Using what I have around the house and yard is a really inexpensive or free way to decorate my table. Do you remember when I made the Jingle Bell Tree? The Flower Blossom Branches are really similar but perfect for Spring or even Summer. You can make one or a few depending on the size of your table. It’s also perfect for a buffet table or centerpieces for a Spring party.

Flower Blossom Branches in a Mason jar make the perfect Spring centerpiece

Supplies needed:

branch (spray painted off white)
mason jar (Paper Mart)
burlap ribbon (Paper Mart)
twine (Paper Mart)
tissue paper (Paper Mart)
circle punch
hot glue

Flower Blossom Branches supplies

Wrap the mason jar with burlap ribbon and secure it with a piece of twine.

Flower Blossom Branches Mason Jar

Add the rocks to hold the branch in place.

Flower Blossom Branches decorated mason jar

Now it’s time to find your inner child. Do you remember back to kindergarten when you glued twisted tissue paper onto construction paper to make pictures or designs? Well, this is a similar process. Start by using a paper punch to punch circles out of tissue paper. Since tissue paper is so thin, it’s best to make as many layers as you can to punch through at one time. If you have too few layers it seems to tear the tissue paper. I’ve found 8 layers works the best.

Flower Blossom Branches tissue paper

Pinch the center of the paper then pinch it in the opposite direction, then twist the paper a time or two. That’s it! I made all of them at one time while watching TV. Too bad I made too many. I made a lot, then decided I wasn’t going to use them all. I still might try to use them for another project though.

Flower Blossom Branches flowers

Place the branch in the rocks and attach the blossoms to the tree branch in several places. I painted the branches off white because they came from a dead tree and the branches were almost black. It wasn’t very Springy looking. I think I used about 40 blossoms on each branch. This close up shows that there’s a fine line between crumpled up paper and a thought out blossom. Really, it’s a very fine line. I’m hoping these look more like blossoms.

Flower Blossom Branches pink

They’re pretty and delicate, just like real blossoms.

Flower Blossom Branches close up

I added some yellow blossoms.

Flower Blossom Branches in yellow

And some lighter yellow blossoms to add more color to the table.

Flower Blossom Branches in light yellow

I can’t show you the whole table yet but I will be able to next week. I placed the jars in a tray to pull the whole thing together. I love how trays can do that. Anyway, I love how this centerpiece came together and that it cost next to nothing. I’m excited for next week when I can show you the whole table and the other elements I included.

FLower Blossom Branches centerpiece facebook

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