Craft Table Curtain for Hidden Storage

Make this Craft Table Curtain to hide extra storage under the table.

Craft Table curtain for Hidden Storage

I constructed this craft table several years ago. You can check out the original post here: Craft Table Using Inexpensive Pieces. It has been a perfect space to work on my crafting projects. Because it’s 3 individual pieces it can be used in a couple different configurations. I love that I’ve been able to change it as needed to fit in different rooms and different houses. As I accumulated a few more things and moved to a smaller room I needed to store some things under the table. I hated how cluttered it looked.

Craft Table Before:

Craft Table before

I’ll be sharing my craft room in a couple weeks and then you’ll understand how important it is that I don’t have exposed storage under the craft table.

Craft table side before

I decided to make a craft table curtain to hide the storage. It was easy to make using just fabric and a curtain tension rod.

Craft Table fabric and curtain rod

The opening under the table measures 31″ high by 36″ wide so I cut the fabric 34″ by 48″. Sew the sides of the curtain first then create a pocket at the top of the fabric for the tension rod. Lastly hem the curtain with a 1/2″ seam.

Craft Table curtain rod pocket

Slide the curtain on the rod and place the tension rod between the two bookcases as close to the table top as possible. The fabric I am using is Inspirations Screen Print by Waverly. Once I share the completed craft room you’ll see why I chose this fabric. It comes in a couple different colors also.

Craft Table table skirt

Because of the way I’ve placed the bookcases, I have storage on the outside…

Craft Table curtain side

And also on the inside.

Craft Table Curtain opened

I can easily pull back the curtain to retrieve things from underneath the table and to also have use of the stool for crafting.

Craft Table curtain open

That looks so much better! I also changed the pictures above the table and will be sharing those in the craft room post in a couple of weeks. Now craft supplies that are extra large or awkward have a hidden home.

Craft Table curtain

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  • Alyssa Winters February 8, 2018, 5:56 am

    Hey Leanne, the use of curtain for hidden storage, its a new idea to use the curtain on the table to hide the items inside the table. It’s space taking place where we can store the unusable item inside the table. Thanks for porting.

  • Debbi Siebert November 4, 2018, 10:49 pm

    I love using curtains to hide things and make it look cleaner. I used one in my laundry room double door storage closet. The upper shelves I used shelf cubes in a houndstooth pattern to organize and store everything; and the lower curtain is a gingham check on a spare tension shower rod and covers the lower shelf and the floor space. So much better.

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