Paper Straw Arrows

Make these cute Paper Straw Arrows using inexpensive supplies you probably already have around your house.

Paper Straw Arrows

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Are you like me? Do you have oodles of craft supplies that you aren’t using? I’m making an effort to use the things I already have in my craft stash to create some fun projects this year. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure I’ll be buying a few supplies for upcoming projects but I also want to see what I can create with what I already have. Let’s start with these Paper Straw Arrows. Raise your hand if you have an obsession with paper straws! Yep, me too!

Here’s What You Need:
Paper Straws (any color and pattern)
Gold Vinyl

Paper Straw Arrows 9

I had some random feathers from other projects so I just picked ones that I thought would work for the arrows. Glue the feathers together with hot glue first, then use a little glue to stick them inside the straw.

Paper Straw Arrows 8

You could also use vinyl or felt to make the feather part of the arrow if you don’t have feathers.

Paper Straw Arrows 7

Cut the gold vinyl into triangles. Mine measure 2″x3″. You will need 2 pieces for each arrow. You could also use card stock, felt, or cork for the arrowhead.

Paper Straw Arrows 6

Place one piece of vinyl sticky side up and place the straw about half way up in the center.

Paper Straw Arrows 5

Lay the other piece of vinyl on top and stick them together.

Paper Straw Arrows 4

Aren’t these fun?! I’m not sure where I’m putting them yet because I’m still decorating for Valentine’s Day. These would be cute on a package too. You could fold the top of a bag over and cut 2 slits close to the top of the bag and slide the arrow through before you add the arrow part.

Paper Straw Arrows 2

The best part is that you only need 3 items and that they take less than 15 minutes to make. I have some other arrows I’m thinking of making too. Hopefully I’ll get them done before Valentine’s Day.

Paper Straw Arrows 3.1

Are you working on Valentine’s Day projects too? I still have no idea what’s going on my front door. That should probably be my next project.

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