12 Reasons to Own Less Stuff

If you’re interested in decluttering this post can help you find the motivation you need. Are you ready to explore 12 Reasons to Own Less Stuff ?

12 Reasons to Own Less Stuff decluttering goals

I would not consider myself a true minimalist but I have found that I am influenced by my surroundings. I don’t seem to function well with too much stuff in my space. I’ve also found that in getting rid of stuff there were other benefits that I had never thought of before. Today I’m sharing the main reasons I’ve found to own less stuff in hopes that these will help you. I hope you will feel motivated in your desire to create a space you feel relaxed and comfortable in.

12 Reasons to Own Less Stuff

You Spend Less Money – One of the more obvious results of owning less stuff is having more money. If you’re more intentional in what you purchase you’ll be able to save money for experiences, travel or other things you really enjoy. Have you ever tried a “no spend” month? I did it last month and it was actually a very freeing experience. In fact I even made it to the 8th of the next month because I became more intentional in how I was spending money.

You Have More Time – Sometimes we forget or don’t realize how valuable our time is. You obviously don’t have to be productive at all times but wouldn’t you rather be doing something you enjoy instead of something you have to do.

Reasons to Own Less Stuff

Can Purchase Higher Quality Items – When you’re not spending money on a lot of things you have the option of purchasing higher quality items. Higher quality items might cost more but they are going to hold up better and last a lot longer. Make your purchases count and last.

You Have More Freedom – When you own less you have more freedom of time, money and less stress. For me, it’s also piece of mind.

It’s Easier to Find Things – Of course having your home organized aids in being able to find items easier, but having less stuff makes it even easier. Being able to open a closet or a drawer and see everything at one time is ideal. When there’s nothing hiding behind something else you can see what you need quickly and you don’t end up wasting time.

Own Less Stuff

You Enjoy What You Have – Putting myself on a spending freeze helped me appreciate what I already have. It also helped me evaluate my things and ask myself what I truly needed and enjoyed. There’s nothing wrong with being content with what you have and not always striving for bigger and better. Being content with what you have is more than okay.

You Have Less Stress – Did you know too much stuff can give people stress? How do you feel after you declutter a space? Most people feel a sense of relief and calm. Think of decluttering your whole home and how you will feel after it’s finished. Anything I can do to get my stress levels down is a good thing.

You Have More Flexibility – Who doesn’t like more flexibility in their life. Things can somethings weigh us down to the point of almost controlling us. Owning less can give you flexibility in your space and with your time.

Owning Less Stuff

There’s More Space – Have you ever been in 2 different houses that are the same size but one feels so much larger than the other? Try removing a couple items from each room to give you added space and openness.

To Set a Good Example – Kids definitely learn from what they see and are taught at home. I think we all want to set a good example for our kids. Helping them to realize that things aren’t what make us happy is so important as they grow and go out on their own.

Clean Up is Faster – I’m all for fast and easy clean up. Owning less obviously means there’s less to clean, store and organize. Think about less things to dust, less things to find storage space for, less things under foot or to move from place to place, also less things on flat surfaces. I have an issue with things sitting on counters.

There’s Less to Move – How long have you lived in your home? Are you going to move at some point? Do you dread the thought of having to move all of your stuff? Decluttering regularly is the best way to keep a handle on how much stuff you own. Decluttering 101 is a great post to reference if you want to start decluttering.

I hope this post helps you in your process of owning less stuff and enjoying what you have.

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12 Reasons to Own Less Stuff decluttering

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  • gina February 11, 2020, 10:55 pm

    Yes to all of the above. Less stuff = less stress! I CANNOT WAIT to downsize and get rid of about half of what we own. We will replace some things with higher quality stuff, but mainly I just want less of everything.

  • Vaani March 11, 2020, 4:09 am

    Very well said. I also feel, we only have limited time and limited energy, it’s better we spend both wisely. The fewer things we have, the better. I particularly liked the saving money part. ?

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