Wrapping Paper Lined Drawers

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I bought this beautiful antique dresser in Florida at a yard sale, many years ago. It had a few years of abuse by my teenage son and then it’s just been in storage for the last couple years. Since we’re moving, Emilee decided she would like it as her dresser. We just sold her old dresser so now she can’t change her mind. The drawers are rough in places and a little uneven so I thought it would be best to line them with something.

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I had some super cute polka dot wrapping paper that I thought would be perfect for the drawers. I measured the drawers by placing the paper inside and and folding it to fit, then I cut along the folds. It was easy and there was no need for a pencil and ruler.

wrapping paper lined drawers 3.1

I secured the paper to the drawers with double sided tape. Not only does it protect her clothes but it also looks great. I wouldn’t use wrapping paper in a young child’s dresser drawers but since she’s a teenage I think she can keep it in good shape for a while.

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Once we move I need to decide what color to paint the outside. Her room is going to be green, pink, and black. What color would you paint it? We have an idea but I’m open for suggestions.

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  • kathleen babbitt August 19, 2013, 4:36 pm

    do you like the hardware? I had drawer pulls like this once and I always seemed to catch my clothes on it. I don’t know what I would do with the locks on each drawer . are you planning a modern room? there are so many options with paint these days. when we first married i painted our room with a flat base coat and then took a feather duster and painted it over the flat paint when dry. I also painted our bathroom. My dad was visiting and he was in the bathroom forever. finally I knocked on the door and asked him if he was all right? he said oh yeah i’m coming. when he got to the kitchen he looked angry. I asked him what was wrong? he asked me who put up the wallpaper in the bathroom. I said dad that isn’t wall paper it’s paint. He said I know it’s wall paper but I can’t ind the seams! He knew i couldn’t do wallpaper as he usually did it. lol to do the feather duster technique . buy a flat paint for the base color and paint the room or dresser or chair etc .then use a washed and dried feather duster. don’t want the dye to come off in the paint or on the wall. I bought 3 eather dusters. have a lot of newspaper and a blow dryer. it goes quicker if you have an extra person to clean and dry the feather dusters so you can keep on painting. Put the semi – gloss paint in a paint tray.. dip the dry feather duster into the paint mostly the ends. this is the tricky part. on the newspaper dab off the excess. you’ll see what i mean when you start. ever see a chicken eat? they jab one seed and pick their heads up and then they pick another.you want to do the chicken routine! lol take the feather duster start maybe on the back of the dresser and just push the paint on the wood and pull back. don’t drag the feather duster or you’ll have a mess pull back and jab again. you just keeping going until the feather duster is too wet to spread out. then hand that feather duster to you assistant and start again. every time you put the feather duster in the paint you need to take off the excess on the newspaper. Once you start it gets to be so much fun! when I try to decide which colors I usually take out crayons and audition colors for the look I want. You are using pink , green and black. take each of the colors and color in a square completely, then audition the other 2 on top of it. do that will all the colors. then go away an come back in 30 minutes or so. one o them should hit you like that’s it! the feather dusters were cheap ones at k-mart or the dollar store. I would buy new knobs and paint them the color that you aren’t using on the dresser.
    now this could be wild with bold colors or soft with pastels. just remember the base coat is flat paint and the feathered paint is semi gloss. if you don’t want to use a feather duster there are other ways to make it your own. stencils, sponges used like the feather duster in out in out do not drag! I did that behind the door in the bathroom and it is very messy but i left it. it was the only way I could prove to my dad that it was paint!lol
    I don’t know if this is the advice you want but it makes a statement and people will think you are awesome. that’s my suggestion. would love to see it when you finish. enjoy!

  • Karen August 19, 2013, 8:48 pm

    OOH love the dove tail joints. Please don’t paint over those. I know you are going to paint the cabinet, sigh. I understand. Think to the future though, for the long term, and I hope you keep this a long time, it is very beautiful piece of furniture. All my dressers are so dried out I’d love to find some new old ones like you have.

    Painting, how about a white with stick on vinyl accents in the colors she likes. Then those could be changed later on when she wants some different colors and you would not have to repaint the dresser. Just a thought.
    Vinyl could be used with any color you paint it.

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