Moving Quick Tip: Use Gift Wrap to Protect Breakables

The packing has begun! I have a quick tip for you while packing breakables. First line the bottom of your box with fabric, a towel, bedding, a pillow, anything soft. You can also use these things to wrap the breakables.

packing boxes for moving

I like to use gift wrap, brown paper, or packing paper to wrap the breakables. I don’t use newspaper or ads because I can’t stand how messy it is and I don’t like to clean everything once I get to the new house. Gift wrap does not travel well during a move anyway so instead of having it arrive smashed, crumpled and unusable, I use it to wrap my breakables. I’ve also used the MALA drawing paper roll from IKEA once my kids didn’t want to draw on it anymore.

packing boxes for moving 2

Do you wonder how I got all this random Christmas wrap? I ordered some gift wrap from a company and it was shipped 2 weeks late so they sent me an additional 9 rolls of random wrap. Now it’s coming in handy! It’s making me kind of excited to unwrap everything. I think it’s going to feel like Christmas.

packing boxes for moving 3

Do you use something besides newspaper to wrap your breakables?

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  • Gail August 14, 2013, 2:31 pm

    How clever – gift wrap.
    I just layer “tougher” breakables between layers of sheets or towels

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