Valley of Fire State Park Nevada – Travel Series


Explore Valley of Fire State Park with me as we hike and check out the many features in the area.

Valley of Fire State Park Nevada

Our first stop in Valley of Fire was Arch Rock since it’s basically right on Scenic Loop Road by the West entrance. It’s also in the same area as the campgrounds. We didn’t camp there but we looked around and both the campgrounds are really nice. One has full hook-ups and the other one is more primitive. Piano Rock is also in the same area.

Valley of Fire Arch Rock

Also on Scenic Loop Road is Atlatl Rock. It’s also right off the road but you climb up several stairs to get to the petroglyphs.

Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock area

Look around on all the rocks and you will find even more petroglyphs on your climb up the stairs. I had no idea what an atlatl was until my boys made them in boy scouts. It’s a weapon they used to hunt with and you can see a couple of them in the petroglyphs here. There are also picnic tables in the area.

Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock petraglyphs

Mouse’s Tank is past the visitors center heading North. The hike is very easy on a sandy trail and the rocks are full of petroglyphs along the way. I would recommend the guided tour because the guide shares a lot of interesting information about the tank and petroglyphs. Mouse’s tank is named after an outlaw who used the area as a hideout in the 1890’s. The tank has water in it most of the year.

Valley of Fire Mouses Tank

Mouse’s tank (petroglyph canyon)

Valley of FIre Mouses Tank petraglyphs

Rainbow Vista is the perfect place to stop for a photo op of the area. You can climb up to the top of a sloped rock to take photos in every direction.

Valley of Fire Rainbow Vista area

Fire Wave is probably the most famous feature in Valley of Fire. It’s also an easy hike and very scenic. Please don’t walk on the wave formation at the end of the trail. There are signs stating not to but while I was there I saw several people walking all over it.

Valley of Fire Fire Wave

As you can tell it was a fun little hike for my boys.

Valley of Fire Fire Wave Zach and Ammon

These rocks are on the way to Fire Wave.

Valley of Fire Fire Wave area

My favorite hike was White Domes. It’s a 1.25 mile loop trail starting down through the sandstone formations.

Valley of Fire White Domes trail 6

And through a slot canyon, then back around to the front of the rocks. There’s also a nice covered picnic area here. This is where we ate lunch.

Valley of Fire White Domes trail 5

Head back south toward the visitors center then turn East for more interesting areas and park features.

Valley of Fire road

Seven Sisters is right off the main road and a fun place for kids to explore. There are several picnic areas here.

Valley of Fire Seven Sisters

My boys came here with their scout troop several months ago to clear out the litter from these rock formations. They were having fun while working.

Valley of Fire Seven Siters area

The Cabins are historic stone cabins that were built with native sandstone by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930’s as a shelter for travelers. They were fun to explore and imagine staying in. We climbed around on the large rocks in this area and there was a little water down below the cabins.

Valley of Fire the Cabins

There is also a covered picnic area here.

Valley of Fire the cabins window

Elephant Rock is at the East entrance of the park. Follow the trail to the rock formation and other trails in the area. You can also hike above Elephant Rock to get another view.

Valley of Fire Elephant Rock

Valley of Fire is only about an hour drive from Las Vegas so if you’re in the area it’s well worth the trip. You can spend a couple hours or the whole day.

Valley of Fire White Domes trail 2

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