Valentine’s Day Fruit Cups

We are out of town for Valentine’s Day so these Valentine’s Day Fruit Cups became our after school snack before we left for the weekend. Make them for your family for breakfast, brunch, or lunch on Valentine’s Day using their favorite fruits.

Valentine's Day Fruit Cups and Pipe cleaner hearts with Washi Tape Flags

You only need a few supplies and you probably already have them:

Washi Tape
Large Party Treat Cups
Pipe Cleaners

Fruit Cup and Pipe Cleaner Heart Supplies

Form a heart shape on one end of the pipe cleaner and wrap the end of it around the stem to hold it in place. I used pink and white stems since they were the closest I had to the holiday colors, I must have used all the red ones at Christmas.

Pipe Cleaner Hearts

Make name flags by wrapping washi tape around the pipe cleaner right under the heart shape.

Pipe Cleaner Hearts with name tags

Use a black Sharpie marker to write names on the flags. It writes really well on the washi tape and doesn’t run.

Pipe Cleaner Hearts with Washi Tape Flags

You can find the large treat cups at any party supply store and some craft stores.

Pipe Cleaner Heart and Fruit Cup

The kids were happy to have a treat to eat at the beginning of our trip and before we stopped for dinner. We love this simple fruit dip. It’s so quick and easy to make. You can get the recipe for the Yummy Fruit Dip and make it to go with your family’s favorite fruits.

Fruit Cups with Pipe Cleaner Hearts

The hearts would look cute in cupcakes, cakes, donuts, or any dessert. I’m thinking of other holidays and more pipe cleaner shapes I can make. I might experiment to see what shape will work for graduation. Any suggestions?

Fruit Cups and Dip

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