Valentine’s Day Card Crafts

Make Valentine’s Day Card Crafts and home decor using inexpensive Valentine’s Day cards.

Valentine's Day Framed Card and Banner

You only need a few supplies to make these 2 very inexpensive craft and decorating ideas. Dollar stores are full of cute cards to use for craft projects. You can also usually find the other supplies at dollar stores.

Supplies needed for Valentine’s Day Card Crafts:
cards (these were only $1 each)
picture frame
small clothes pins

Valentines Day cards

Have you ever looked at a card and thought that it would make the perfect framed picture? I do all the time. There are so many cute cards out there for every occasion, so why not buy a neutral frame and exchange the cards for the different seasons and holidays.

I found cute cards for only $1 so this holiday decor was even cheaper than I thought it would be. I love how this card looks like it’s a handmade stamped piece. It saves a lot of time and energy of having to do it yourself.

Valentines Day Framed Card

You can also take the card apart and decorate with the pieces. This card had X’s and O’s on the front so I cut the pieces out to make a cute little banner. You could also use a few cards to make a longer banner for the fireplace or a shelf. I attached the pieces to the twine with mini clothespins. I  love these kind of projects because you don’t need any special tools to make a unique piece of home decor. You could add a lot of holiday decor to your home by spending less than $10. I call that a pretty good deal!

Valentines Day Card Banner

It would also make a cute gift or centerpiece for a holiday celebration. I don’t know about you but I’m on my way to the dollar store to see what cute cards I can find to use as home decor. You could also make several gift tags out of one card or use a shaped punch to make holiday ornaments to hang from a potted branch. Have fun getting creative with cards!

Valentines Day Banner and Framed Card

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Valentines Day framed card and cute banner

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