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Are you ready to take back your garage? The weather is starting to cool a bit, well not where I live but most places. I like knowing my garage is organized and in shape before the holidays and Winter. It’s the perfect project for a family to work together on. Don’t forget to think of a great reward for everyone for all their hard work, once the garage is clean and organized again.

A little side note: Isn’t this garage door awesome? It’s not mine but I took a picture of it years ago during the Wasatch Parade of Homes because I would love one similar to it one day.

Clean out Garage Day - get organized and take back your garage

Remove Everything– Just like everything else, when you’re trying to get a space organized you need to start by removing everything. Put a sign out or something so people don’t think you’re having a garage sale. I’ve had people stop and ask me prices on items before, even try to haggle with me. It was pretty funny but also a little annoying since I was on a mission to get a job done.

Clean It Out– Since you have an empty box now is the time to clean it top to bottom. Get out all the cobwebs, wipe down the walls, clean up any spills, and clean the floor. Sweep the floor out really well then use a push broom with soapy water and scrub the floor. Make sure to take special care to clean up any stains. Hose the garage floor and let it dry before returning anything to the garage.

Clear the Clutter– Start piles or boxes so you can sort things, make sure to include an area for things that need to get tossed, recycled, and donated. Do not return anything to the garage that you are questioning. Now is the time to be strict with your garage space. You know you’re going to be adding things to it over the next few months so only start with what you really need to keep.

Create Zones– Our garage is small and we don’t have storage space in our home so I have to use part of the garage for storage. Creating zones makes it easy to find what you need and keeps things organized. Make sure you leave plenty of space for the vehicles even if you have to mark it off on the floor with tape.

Use Vertical Space– Store as much on the walls as possible. Use pegboard or a wall organizing system to get things off the floor and on the walls. Keep the daily or often used necessities at hand. Store little used items up high, you can even hang storage shelves from the ceiling. Make sure to secure heavy objects for safety reasons. Keep a step stool or small ladder handy to reach the little used or seasonal items.

Do you need some awesome garage organizing ideas? Check out my Organize|Garage pinterest board for great ideas. Follow me on all my Pinterest boards at Leanne {Organize and Decorate Everything}

I know what I’ll be doing this weekend. What about you?

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