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I’m all about convenience, especially in the Summer months. Sometimes I think I’m organized because I’m actually lazy. Anytime I can save steps or contain things I will. That’s why I love trays, caddies, and awesome containers. I like everything easily accessible in one place.

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I’ve had all these supplies for a few years but just thought to bring them together this Summer. We love sno cones almost as much as s’mores so I needed special storage for all the sno cone supplies. The caddy only cost me around $1 at ShopKo a few years ago. I bought it at the end of the season. I also buy all the sno cone supplies I can get my hands on at the end of season, you can usually get them for less than $1.

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These holders are not only cute but they’re great for little kids to prevent accidental sno cone dumpage. (I love how spell check thinks I don’t spell anything right, what’s wrong with dumpage?)

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Even with the sno cone holders I still make the kids eat them outside. They’re a perfect treat for after a swim.

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I’m kind of a sno cone syrup snob. I love these syrups from hawaiian shaved ice. Not only do they make awesome sno cones but they also make delicious flavored lemonades. I wasn’t compensated by hawaiian shaved ice to say that, I just love them.

sno cone caddy.1

The caddy is also perfect for making sno cones outside. Sometimes I like to make them outside so there’s no mess in the kitchen, especially if I making them for a lot of kids.

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How are you enjoying Summer?

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  • Milk Allergy Mom June 27, 2013, 10:18 pm

    What a fun idea. My boys have never had snow cones! I don’t trust anyone to make them for us because of food allergies. But I didn’t realize supplies are available for home usage. Thanks for giving me another fun idea for our food allergy home!

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