How to Paint a Front Door

Easy step by step of How to Paint a Front Door and trim.

How to Paint a Front Door step by step

We’re renting and our landlord has made it nearly impossible for us to change anything while we’re living here. I was so tired of my plain white door that I finally decided it would be easier to paint it back white before we move than to ask permission before painting. All of the houses in my neighborhood look so much alike that I wanted it to stand out in some way and give it a little personality, plus I love a colored door.

Supplies needed to paint door:

DecoArt Americana DECOR Curb Appeal paint (Williamsburg Blue)
painter’s tape
2″ paint brush
small paint tray

How to Paint a Front Door supplies

Before I could paint the door and trim I needed to do a little prep work. Wash the door and trim to remove any dirt and debris, I used a large sponge and washed it twice. I also had to remove some broken hooks from the door trim, I believe they were for Christmas lights. They were a little tough to remove and took the most time of the prep work.

How to Paint a Front Door before photo

Tape off the door and trim and around the door knobs and peep hole. I had a couple hours I knew I could leave the door open so that’s when I decided to paint it instead of taking it off the hinges. Try to paint when the sun is not directly on the door. The direct sun will make it dry too fast and makes it hard to see streaks or drips.

How to Paint a Front Door taping

Now it’s time to paint. To achieve a smooth and evenly painted door I recommend painting it in this order. Start with painting all the inset areas first.

How to Paint a Front Door step 1

Then paint the raised panels. There’s no turning back now, but who would want too. I love this color! Next paint vertically between the panels, just to the top and bottom of the panels.

How to Paint a Front Door step 2

Now paint horizontally above and below all of the panels. And lastly, paint the vertical edges of the door. While the first coat of paint is drying, move on to painting the trim around the door. By the time I had painted the trim the door was dry enough for the second coat of paint.

I gave the door a second coat of Curb Appeal paint in the same order as the first. Then I painted the trim with one more coat of paint. The coverage was so good that I only needed 2 coats of paint. It was a really quick process and it turned out so good. Remove the tape before the door is completely dry. You will need to leave the door open for about an hour so it doesn’t stick to the weather stripping.

How to Paint a Front Door step 3

After I painted the door I noticed how bad the door handle looked. It had years of disgusting dirt and debris build up on it so I got a kitchen scrubber and polished it up the best I could. It looks much better and I feel better knowing it’s much cleaner now too.

Wow! How much better does that look? I don’t mind that my house is pink stucco as much anymore now. The blue door gives the house and little porch so much personality and curb appeal.

How to Paint a Front Door after photo

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Step by Step of How to Paint a Front Door

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