Magic Reindeer Food (and printable tags)

I love starting new holiday traditions, especially ones the kids are excited about and don’t take a lot of effort. Really, it’s the little things the kids will remember and that make holidays special. We made Magic Reindeer Food about 15 years ago for the first time and it quickly became one of the kids favorite things to do on Christmas Eve. Just a little sprinkle on the lawn helps the reindeer find their way to your home.


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Reindeer Food supplies:
candy sprinkles (red and white)
small bottles or other clear containers with a lid
free printable tags


Let me start by sharing the reindeer food printable tags. Just print them out on white card stock and attach them to the bottle. Click on the highlighted area above to print the tags.


Use a regular size hole punch to make a hole in the center of the ornament hanger tag.


Use scissors to cut out the tags. I love this fun ornament shape. You could really use any Christmas shaped item for tags if you want to create your own.


Fill each bottle 3/4 of the way full of oats, then add a spoonful of red sprinkles and a spoonful of white sprinkles.


Shake the bottles, add another spoonful of red and white sprinkles if needed.


Attach the tags to the bottles with natural twine.


On Christmas Eve we have a nice dinner, sing Christmas songs, receive our pajamas from Edwin the Elf (that’s another tradition), leave cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. Then it’s time to sprinkle the lawn with Magic Reindeer Food so the ground sparkles and the reindeer can find their way to our home. The kids run outside and sprinkle the lawn with the food. If there’s snow on the ground it’s even more special. Then it’s time for the Christmas story and off to bed.


Will you be making reindeer food this year? What is one of your favorite Christmas traditions? I love getting new ideas.


Please join me tomorrow for the next 31 Days of Christmas Ideas post.

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