Lucky Shamrock Door Hanging

I had a really big wood shamrock that broke in our last move so I was really happy when I found a raw wood shamrock in the Target dollar spot. It’s only about a third the size of the broken one but was the perfect size to make this Lucky Shamrock Door Hanging.

Lucky Shamrock Door Hanging

I’ve been deliberate in using supplies I already have. The only thing I bought for this project was the shamrock. It was $3.

Here’s the supplies you will need:

Wood Shamrock (at Target)
White paint (DecoArt Warm White)
Green paint (DecorArt Media Fluid Acrylic Yellow Green Light)
Sponge brush
Sand paper (fine)
Frame, Wreath, or Hoop
Cutting machine to make “Lucky”

Lucky Shamrock supplies

Paint the sides and top of the shamrock with 2 coats of white paint. Make sure to get down in the crevices. Let dry for at least 1/2 hour. I did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen while I waited. You want to make sure the vinyl isn’t going to rip off the paint when you take it off. It’s happened to me before!

Lucky Shamrock white paint layer

I used the Cricut Craft Room to make the Lucky lettering. You can use any cutting machine or write it yourself then transfer it to vinyl. I used a scrap piece of vinyl because it doesn’t matter what color it is, you’re just using it as a stencil. Position it in the center of the shamrock. I tilted it a bit. Make sure to push the edges down really well.

Lucky Shamrock vinyl application

The green paint is not wood paint but it was the only green I had. I love the color and it worked really well. Paint 2 coats of green over the whole shamrock and let dry about 1/2 hour again. Use a small paint brush to get the green paint in the crevice. You have to eyeball the lettering a little so you paint the right areas in the crevice. Remove the stencil.

Lucky Shamrock vinyl word removal

Well, that turned out pretty great! I love the white and green together.

Lucky Shamrock green paint layer

Here’s a close up of the lettering. I did a pretty good job using the small brush in the crevice. Just eyeball where the letter should be and leave that area white.

Lucky Shamrock close up of lettering

I let it dry a little longer than usual to make sure it’s super dry before I sand. Sand the sides, top, and edges of the shamrock. Smooth off the rough edges. Then wipe down with a cloth to get all the dust off.

Lucky Shamrock sanded

Tie the twine onto the shamrock through the holes.

Lucky Shamrock twine hanger

I also tied it onto the frame at the same time. I used a frame for this project but you could also use a wreath or hoop if you like. I’m sure next year it will be reused and probably be on a wreath.

Lucky Shamrock on frame

Tie a ribbon on it for hanging and you’re good to go. Not bad for only spending $3. Last I looked there were still some at Target, so run and get one to make for your front door.

Lucky Shamrock hanging frame

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