Glimpse of Easter

Instead of Peek Through Last Week I decided to post a Glimpse of Easter this week.

The kids and I colored eggs using stickers and rubberbands to create the designs. They had a fun time making their creations. 

Easter gifts for the grand kids wrapped in cute little rabbit bags.

Ammon at the Syracuse City Easter Egg Hunt. He was in the 6-8 age group. He was so excited and had been talking about in for weeks. He had just gotten finished with his soccer game.

Candy dipped marshmallows to look like carrots and peeps on a stick. I think I’m dipping marshmallows for every holiday now.

Finding the Easter baskets. This one ended up being Zach’s.

The Easter Bunny hides the baskets. Sometimes it’s hard to find places for the baskets to fit though.

Looking for candy filled eggs. The kids were assigned a color by the Easter Bunny. There were 10 of each color.

Some had a harder time than others and decided to play for a while.

Hubby helping them out a bit. Somehow he just knew where all the eggs were, hmmm!

Ammon can’t wait to check out what’s inside.

Adam was a little late to the game so he was hunting for his eggs by himself. That’s what you get for sleeping in.

Amanda also had Prom on Saturday night. She looked gorgeous.

Just the girls: Marlee and Amanda. Beautiful!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend filled with great times and cherished memories.

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