Hello Fall Sign

It doesn’t feel like Fall yet but I’m ready to decorate so I’m working on a few projects to add to my mantel. I’ll have the mantel post up later this week so you can see how I use these new pieces. Hopefully I’ll have the rest of the house decorated for Fall by the end of the week, until then I’ll share my new Hello Fall Sign. I’m pretty excited about it.

Hello Fall Sign

I forgot to take a supplies picture, but here is what you need:

unfinished wood hello sign (found at most craft stores)
unfinished wood blocks (2×4 cut different lengths)
navy blue paint
burnt umber paint
cut letters (I used my cutting machine but you could cut them out by hand)
foam brush

Hello Fall hello

Start by painting the hello sign navy blue or any color you prefer. I think navy goes with anything so I use it a lot in crafting and decorating. I only had to use one coat of paint on the sign because the wood was so smooth.

Hello Fall stained blocks

Lightly sand the edges of the blocks and wipe down before painting. These were scrap blocks from other projects so I didn’t have to cut them. Bonus! I wanted the blocks to look stained so I added a few drops of burnt umber paint to a cup then added about 1/3 cup of water to thin it out. I made it a little too thin so I applied 2 coats of paint to the blocks. Let them dry thoroughly, the thin paint really soaks into the wood.

Hello Fall computer image

Use a personal cutting machine to cut out the letters. If you don’t have a cutting machine you can easily cut them out by hand. Just make sure to trace the letters on the back of the fabric, paper, or vinyl in reverse. This way you won’t have to worry about the marks show on the front of the material.

Hello Fall cut out

I sized the letters individually so I could make them fit the blocks the way I wanted. I wanted to add a little texture to the blocks so I used an iron on fabric piece for the letters. I had it in my stash or I would’ve just used vinyl.

Hello Fall glue letters

Since the material I used was iron on I peeled the backing off and used glue to apply them to the blocks, then let them dry for about 1/2 hour before moving.

Hello Fall blocks

I’m so happy with how this little project turned out. Paint is so amazing! It’s such a quick and easy transformation. And doesn’t that hello fit perfectly on top of those blocks? Let’s just say it was planned!

Hello Fall sign and blocks

I’m not sure how the mantel is coming together yet. I’m searching my home for ideas right now but I’m pretty sure these things are going to be included. I guess you know the colors I will be using now.

Hello Fall decor

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  • Ashley November 2, 2015, 9:57 am

    This is so simple and cute! I love it!

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