Make an Everyday Hot Cocoa Bar

We love hot cocoa in our family! The first thing the kids and grandkids ask for when we come home from a Winter or Fall outing is a big cup of warm cocoa. And I have to admit that I have a cup of cocoa almost every night in the cooler months. I’ve been envious of all those beautiful hot cocoa stations popping up all over blogland, but I needed a Hot Cocoa Bar that we could easily use everyday. It also had to be convenient for the kids to make their own.

This is a great Everyday Hot Cocoa Bar using things you already have in your home. Bring it all together in a tray so the family can have cocoa anytime they like

The best place for the Hot Cocoa Bar was in the small space between the fridge and stove. I don’t really do much with that space anyway and the tray fit perfectly.

Everyday Cocoa Bar

Now it’s time to gather the supplies you’ll need for your Everyday Hot Cocoa Bar. The tray keeps everything contained and neat and tidy. I already had all of the supplies I needed thanks to all my trips to the dollar spot in Target. You can easily adjust the containers and supplies by using things you already have.

mason jars (large and small)
mugs (Owls from West Elm, plain from Target)
chalkboard (Target)
chalkboard vinyl (Expressions vinyl)
vintage straw holder
paper straws (craft stores)
towel (Target)
small scoop (craft store)
tray – you’ve seen it a billion times on my blog (Hobby Lobby)
hot cocoa, candy canes, marshmallows, chocolate caramels, peppermint pieces

Everyday Cocoa Bar supplies

Of course you need to start with the cocoa. Mine is a bulk mix that we use for everyday. I make special mixes every once in a while though. Get the recipe for my Mexican Hot Cocoa! Isn’t that little scoop so cute?

Everyday Cocoa Jar

Cut a circle of chalkboard vinyl and adhere it to the mason jar lid. Write the simple instructions on the lid using a chalk marker.

Everyday Cocoa Bar cocoa

These little jars were in the dollar area at Target but you could also use small mason jars. The chalkboard labels were already on the jars but you can add your own if you use mason jars.

Everyday Cocoa Bar extra jars

Add a couple mugs to the tray. If you have everything on the tray it makes cocoa making easy and convenient.

Everyday Cocoa Bar mugs

My favorite thing to add to cocoa is a candy cane. I love the flavor it adds and it makes a great stirrer. These little owl mugs are what I use if I want a little cocoa before bed.

Everyday Cocoa Bar candy canes

Don’t forget a towel to make clean-ups easier.

Everyday Cocoa Bar napkin

I found this straw holder at an antique shop many years ago. It’s one of my favorite things in the kitchen. I’m using striped straws that match the color scheme but I have seen some adorable straws with other designs recently.

Everyday Cocoa Bar Straws

These little trays were found at Target and are perfect for cookies or other little treats with cocoa. You can find so many cute little plates or trays this time of year.

Everyday Cocoa Bar plates

Of course, I had to make a little chalkboard sign. This is actually a place mat from the Target dollar area. My chalkboard skills have a bit to be desired, but it’s fine.

Everyday Time for Cocoa

Seriously! It’s always time for cocoa! Who wants some?

Everyday Cocoa Bar square

I love having this out all Fall and Winter. I’m not sure how we ever lived without it! Once the weather changes it will be time to get out the Sno Cone Caddy and S’more Tray but I’m going to enjoy the cocoa while it’s still cool.

What so you think? Do you have a need and space for a Hot Cocoa Bar?

Make an Everyday Hot Cocoa Bar

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Small Hot Cocoa Bar

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  • Gina December 6, 2015, 9:06 am

    Super cute and I love the owl mugs. I hauled out a much loved tray and all the fixin’s for a hot chocolate tray too! I found those melty soft peppermint sticks at Target for about $1 a box – try them, you’ll love them in hot cocoa! I also added a smallish container of mini chocolate chips – for a near-instant mocha. Yummo!

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