Duck Tape Tablet Case

My kids have a thing for decorative duck tape. They love the different styles and colors and are always trying to think of new ways to use it. Zach decided he wanted to make a Duck Tape Tablet Case using the black and white mustache duck tape.

Duck Tape Tablet Case made from a hard cover book

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It was pretty easy to make. He made it himself other than a couple instructions and suggestions from me. And you only need a few supplies:

hard cover book ( a little larger than the tablet)
exacto knife
duck tape
velcro fasteners
piece of poster board

duct tape tablet case 5.1

I’m not going to give exact measurements in this tutorial because it depends on the size of book you use. Once you find a book that fits your Tablet use an exacto knife to cut the pages out. Cut the front and back inside cover of the book and the pages should come out easily.

duct tape tablet case 6.1

Take the pages out and use them for another project like these dictionary pages butterflies or discard them.

duct tape tablet case 8.1

We used a cutting mat and exacto knife to cut the tape the right length and keep the cuts straight. Turn the tape sticky side up to prevent it from sticking to the mat. A knife works better on duck tape, scissors can get gummed up.

duct tape tablet case 7.1

We added a piece of poster board cut the length of the book and about 6″ long to make a flap for the case. Attach the poster board to the inside front cover of the book using duck tape.

duct tape tablet case 9.1

Cut pieces of duck tape to fit the inside of the book. Overlap the pieces slightly. I think we used 10 pieces on the inside and the flap.

duct tape tablet case 10.1

Now cut contrasting or coordinating duck tape for the outside of the case.

duct tape tablet case 11.1

Wrap the last piece of duck tape around to the inside of the book to finish off the end. Use the inside duck tape to tape the outside flap area, if you want a contrasting look. Overlap it slightly on the inside to finish it off.

duct tape tablet case 12.1

Now it’s time to make the sides of the case. Cut 2 pieces of tape to close in the sides of the case. Then cut 2 more pieces and fold them in half so there’s no sticky parts on the inside of the case. Stick the folded pieces to the middle of the wider pieces.

duct tape tablet case 2.1

Fold the book and stick the sides on. Keep the book open slightly to add more space to the inside of the case.

duct tape tablet case 3.1

We added 3 velcro circles to the inside of the flap and the outside of the case to keep the tablet secure. See how perfectly it fits?!

duct tape tablet case 4.1

Zach did a great job on his new case. He also made a duck tape wallet if you’d like to check it out and work on another duck tape project.

duct tape tablet case.1

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  • kathleen babbitt July 16, 2013, 2:36 pm

    wow Zach you did a wonderful job! love the mustash duct tape! I’m keeping your idea for when I finally get a tablet!

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