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DIY Luminaire.2

Do you remember when I made this Jewelry Organizer out of decorative sheet metal? I had some extra pieces and decided to use one to make a DIY luminary. I only had enough metal leftover to make one, now I want to buy more metal to make a couple more. I love how it looks.

DIY Luminaire 3.1

I cut the trim off the other side using aviation tin snips. I left the trim along the top for a finished look.

DIY Luminaire 4.1

I formed a circle with the decorative metal and used 26 gauge wire to hold the ends together. It’s easier to form the circle if you use a jar or something round to help form it.

DIY Luminaire 5.1

I wove the wire through the small holes and pulled it as straight as I could, then secured the ends by wrapping it back around the wire.

DIY Luminaire 8.1

This is where I really lucked out. I had some wood circles leftover that I had used for cupcake stands. I can’t believe it but it was the perfect size to use as the base of the luminary. When I make more of them I’ll do this part on purpose. I was going to paint the base but then decided I like how the raw wood looks against the metal.

DIY Luminaire 6.1

This is how it looks from the bottom. I just slid it into place and it fit perfectly.

DIY Luminaire 7.1

Then I placed a battery powered tea light in it. I also discovered it fits perfectly in most candle holders. Another bonus! When I make more I think I’ll make them different heights to add interest. Here’s a little sneak peek at some of the things I’ll be using on my mantel soon.

DIY Luminaire.1

Then I got an idea for another way to use it. Hmm, maybe this will be part of my back-to-school mantel. I’m definitely making more of these, maybe using different decorative metal patterns.

DIY Luminaire 2.1

The best part about this project is that I used things I already had on hand and didn’t have to spend a penny. I love projects like that, don’t you?

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