Creating a Vision Board

Have you ever made a Vision Board? I’m going to share some ideas on Creating a Vision Board that will help you set and achieve your goals.

creating a Vision Board Tips and Ideas

I think the last time I made a Vision Board I was in Junior High. I feel like it really helped me focus and set goals that year so I’m not sure why I haven’t created one since. I work with the young women in our church and one of our activities was creating a vision board for 2020 so of course I wanted to create one too. Since the girls and leaders created their own there were so many different ideas of what the boards looked liked and included. They were all personal and specific to each person, just the way they should be.

Creating a Vision Board with goals

Creating A Vision Board

Here’s a few tips on getting started then I’ll share what I decided to set as my goals.

Ask yourself these questions:
What Do I Need?
What Do I Want?
What Do I Value?
How Do I Want To Feel Once I’ve Achieved My Goals?

Vision Board center focus

Think of specific categories or goals you want to include on your vision board. You don’t have to segment them out but because of how my brain works that’s what I decided to do on my board. I saw several boards that were more like a collage and pretty abstract and they were perfect for that person.

Here are some category ideas:
physical (this could also include fitness/health)
social (this could also include family/relationships)
intellectual (this could also include school/work)

I chose spiritual, physical, social, and intellectual because that’s what the focus is with the youth in our church. I already had some goals that I wanted to work on this year and I was easily able to fit those goals into each of these categories.

Vision Board spiritual area

As you can probably tell my goals might not be obvious to everyone who looks at my board. Guess what? That’s okay because your vision board is for you and not for anyone else. As long as your goals are obvious to you and it motivates you and gives you the reminder you need when you look at it then that’s all that matters.

Here’s a few more suggestions:
make sure your goals are tangible and specific
it helps if they’re also measurable
are they achievable
are they realistic
set a specific time frame for each goal

Vision Board physical area

Now let’s talk about the physical board. You can make it as unique as your goals are. Let your individual personality show in your board too. Remember the whole point of it is to inspire you and help you reach your goals.

Here are some ideas for your unique Vision Board:
Use photos, quotes, words, mantras
Use a solid backdrop or divide the board up into categories
Embellish the board with extra things to show your personality
Frame each goal
Choose your main focus and place it in the center of your board

Vision Board social area

We used a cork board for our Vision Boards but here are a few more ideas:
white board with magnets
cork board with pins
poster board
digital board to keep on your tablet or phone
gallery wall

Vision Board intellectual area

As you’ve probably noticed mine doesn’t look much like a cork board even though it is. I used 4 pieces of scrapbook paper to divide the board equally with my main focus in the center. Use double sided tape to keep the paper in place. You could also use wrapping paper, fabric, or even paint the cork. Instead of using pins I decided to use washi tape to hold my goals in place. Washi tape is easy to take off without ripping the paper. I’ve already reached one of my goals so I’ll be taking that goal off and replacing it with a new one.

Vision Board washi tape

You could also paint the edge of the frame but I decided to use washi tape again. I like how the polka dots add interest to the frame and it only took a few minutes to do it.

Once you’ve finished your Vision Board don’t forget to put it somewhere that you can see it everyday. Even if it’s only for a few seconds it will give you a reminder of what your goals are and remind you where you want and need your focus to be.

Vision Board washi tape trim

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish.

Another idea is to write down your goals and the steps you will need to take to achieve each goal. The Vision Board is your visual reminder but it also helps to have the steps written out. I always like to add a time frame to my goals too.

Good luck on achieving your goals!

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Creating a Vision Board Tips and Ideas

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