Chinese New Year 2014

Chinese New Year 2014 4.1

I don’t usually post on Sunday but I wanted to share some of our Chinese New Year celebration with you. I decorated the mantel using some things Lan Tu (our foreign exchange student) brought to us from China. This year is the year of the Horse.

Chinese New Year 2014

This says Gong Xi Fa Cai or Gong Hei Fat Choi, depending on where you come from. It means Happy New Year! Next year I’ll let Ammon write the characters, his writing is much better than mine. He said I did pretty good except for the 3rd one.

Chinese New Year 2014 2

Lan Tu brought us some great things from China, when he came to stay with us. I love this fan! We also have a silk scroll, silk scarves, some beautiful embroidery pictures.

Chinese New Year 2014 3

And these colorful stamps I framed. He lives in Nanjing China and these things are from his area.

Chinese New Year 2014 5

The tassels are from Ammon’s Chinese teachers and the lanterns are from a party store.

Chinese New Year 2014 9

We sat the table using the silk scroll as a table runner. Everyone had strict instructions not to spill anything on it.

Chinese New Year 2014 11

We made the paper lanterns last year using paper I already had. It was perfect!

Chinese New Year 2014 8

Ammon was in the Chinese Immersion program at his school since kindergarten. They don’t offer the program where we live now so he is taking private Chinese lessons. I was a little worried how he would like taking lessons by himself but he is loving it and learning so much. Mei Ling gave Ammon enough red envelopes for our family. I filled them with chocolate coins instead of real coins. Tradition is that the parents fill the envelopes with money unless the children are older and have jobs, then they give money to the parents.

Chinese New Year 2014 13

Ammon was very adamant that we have the right food at our dinner, so we had chicken, fish, green beans and oranges at the table. We also threw in fried rice and noodles because we love them.

chinese new year 2014 15

chinese new year 2014 16

chinese new year 2014 17

I love how the Palazzo decorates for Chinese New Year every year. Do you celebrate Chinese New Year?

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  • Kj@letsgoflyakite February 2, 2014, 4:32 pm

    So many beautiful photos in this post. Your decorations and place settings are beautiful. We do celebrate Chinese New Year both at home and school. 恭喜發財 !

  • Joyce February 27, 2014, 6:22 pm

    You were more festive than this Chinese mama! Way to go! I have to step up my game next year. :p

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