Bucket for Organizing and Fun

Most of us don’t have unlimited resources and space. Downsizing to a smaller home has made me more aware of my limited space. I used to have a whole basement for storage, now I have a small closet and a portion of the garage. The problem is there are things I still like to have that aren’t used often. I have tried to make pieces function in more ways than one, like this tub bucket for organizing and fun.

Bucket for Organizing

We like to have backyard barbecues and picnics. I like to have a container that can hold plenty of sodas and also be a nice display at gatherings. The problem is that this is a large bucket and I don’t have any where to store it when it’s not in use. So I came up with a brilliant idea.

Soda Bucket with vinyl letters.2

I used my electronic craft cutter to cut vinyl to spell sodas on one side of the bucket and socks on the other. I love using the bucket outside for entertaining and not have to worry about where to store it when we’re not entertaining.

Laundry Room Organizing 4

Oh yeah! And the bucket and vinyl are the colors of my laundry room (not by coincidence). The sock bucket sits on top of the washing machine. When anyone empties the dryer they put all the socks in the bucket. Once or twice a week my youngest son matches all the socks and places them in the family members room. If anyone needs socks before then they know where to find them. After 30+ years of having kids this sock method seems to work best for our family and is the easiest on me.

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