10 of the Best Kitchen Organizing Ideas

Between the first of the year and before school gets out for Summer I like to get most of my organizing, cleaning, and decluttering done so I can have some free time with my family. Here are some of my Best Kitchen Organizing Ideas to help you get your kitchen organized and to give you more time for other things. If you click on each link there will be more details and ideas for each area of your kitchen. Are you ready to get started?

10 of the Best Kitchen Organizing Ideas to get and keep your kitchen easily organized

Free Printable Jar Labels – As much as I like to be organized I think it’s just as important to do it in style. These labels are the perfect way to organize your mason jars and label the contents. There are 8 colors to choose from so you can pick the perfect color for your kitchen.

Kitchen Organizing Jar Labels

Organize with Jars – Use jars to organize almost anything in the kitchen from rice and beans to soap and utensils and everything in between. Jars make it easy to quickly see when you are running low on any food or product.

Kitchen Organizing Jars

Label Spices – Use a circle punch and adhesive vinyl to make quick and easy labels for your spice containers.

Kitchen Organizing Spices

Cup Organizer Tray – If you have a problem with cups all over kitchen and not knowing who’s cup belongs to who then this tray might be the answer to your problem. I made this 6 years ago and we still use it every day.

Kitchen Organizing Cup Tray

Freezer Organization – Using baskets in the freezer is a great option to keep small things together. There are many other great ideas to keep your freezer organized in this post.

Kitchen Organizing Freezer

Under the Sink – Easy ways to inexpensively store and organize products and cleaning supplies under the sink.

Kitchen Organizing Under the Sink

Eating and Cooking Utensils – Clean out the drawers and containers to hold only your necessary utensils.

Kitchen Organizing Utensils

Junk Drawer – Use small plastic baskets to keep like things together and organized. Clean out this drawer regularly or it can get out of hand. Click over to see all my tips.

Kitchen Organizing Junk Drawer

Use Baskets – Sometimes it’s hard to keep odd shaped or small items together and organized. Using baskets is an easy way to keep things together and contained.

Kitchen Organizing using Baskets

Organized Pantry – Use wire shelves, over the door organizers, hooks, extra shelves, jars, plastic containers, and labels to keep the most used space in your kitchen organized.

Kitchen Organizing Pantry

Use these ideas to get your kitchen organized and in the shape you want it. Work on one area at a time until you have finished the whole room.

10 of the Best Kitchen Organizing Ideas to get and keep your kitchen easily organized

Happy Organizing!

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  • Read April 14, 2016, 4:23 am

    Thanks for the kitchen ideas, Leanneja! I especially love the idea of labeling spices. Totally cool! I’m gonna buy a couple of bottles for the spices soon, so I think I’ll try to make it like this.
    Read Derniere Lewis (designer)

  • Marie March 17, 2018, 12:17 am

    It’s a great idea for a beautiful kitchen. I like your information. Thank you for shear a great post.

  • Aanya singhganiya February 27, 2020, 5:58 am

    Amazing ideas! I really find these ideas very helpful. After this, I have started using kitchen labels in my kitchen. Labels are helping me to stay organised.

  • Shreya @ The Creatives Hour May 1, 2021, 11:16 pm

    I love the idea of using baskets to keep odd-shaped things together. I always have a lot of random things lying about here and there. This was very helpful!

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