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Have Activity Bags packed and ready to go for each activity.

Activity Bags packed and ready to go

When you have several kids and each one is in several activities it makes things easier if you have a bag for each activity. I know having several bags might sound contradictory coming from someone who doesn’t believe in having a lot of extra things, but it really saves on space and time. If you aren’t using different bags for each activity you’re probably having to store supplies in different areas and then switching supplies out of the bags which is taking up space and time. Things tend to get lost or forgotten for the activity too.

Activity Bag 1

You can either store the bags in a hall closet or in each child’s room. Hanging them on hooks on the back of the door or in the closet makes them easy to grab on your way to the activity.

Activity Bag 2

Fill each bag with everything needed for the activity such as: sports equipment, dance equipment, musical instrument sheet music, foreign language work books, exercise gear, church books, etc.

Activity Bag 3

Make sure to include snacks or anything else that might be needed during down time.

Activity Bag 4

Once you come home from the activity make sure to take out any clothes to be washed and any garbage. Fill the bag back up with the clean clothes, snacks and anything else needed for the activity. Now it’s ready for it’s next use.

Activity Bag 5

You can even purchase special bags if the activities call for them.

Activity Bag 6

I’ve even started doing this with my hiking backpack so it’s always ready. Save time and frustration by prepping your bags ahead of time and having them ready to go.

Activity Bag 7

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