31 Days of Getting Organized (Using What You Have) – Day 30: Organize Using Cardboard Soda Bottle Carriers

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Welcome to Day 30 of 31 Days of Getting Organized by Using What You Have.

As you can probably tell by now I love reusing containers, especially when they already have divided compartments. I’ve used these cardboard carriers in multiple ways for organizing spaces in my home. Since my computer still isn’t back to 100% I’m only going to be able to show you a couple personal examples, but I also have awesome ideas from other sources to share with you.


If you like the design on the outside you can leave it as is or you can decorate it in other ways. I’ve previously painted mine, used scrapbook paper, washi tape, glitter, or anything else you can think of. This one holds scissors and paintbrushes in my craft room.

world market 21

I took the soda out of the carrier and used it to hold individual packages of chips for the party. You can also use it to hold utensils and other party supplies.

Here are more great ideas on using cardboard soda carriers to organize your spaces.

soda carrier

HomeMade Simple

soda carrier 2

Ducks In A Row Events

soda carrier 3

Real Simple

soda carrier 4

Fowl Single File

soda carrier 5


soda carrier 6

Southern Thomas

I really love these carriers and all the possibilities to organize using them. How do you think you could use them?

See you tomorrow for the last post in the series 31 Days of Getting Organized by Using What You Have: Think Outside the Box

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